You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

An issue need to be addressed by every parent. We need to introspect that what we are teaching these young minds. We are the one who are putting them in illusionary world of social media, making them feel like prince or princess.

The inappropriate content on these sites may harm their thoughts. They may start taking interest, which even can ruin their young mind.

Social media provides them too much freedom for exploring unknown friends. These friends can be anyone. 

These children start too much sharing their information and giving all their details on social media. This may impact their privacy.

Our girls are comparing themselves with Cinderella or Snowhite.  Making videos of dances on Instagram, pouting, creating insta pages, YouTube channels, etc.

Our boys are no less, thinking that they are creating funny content, fashion statement, etc.

Have you ever noticed what these young minds have perceived. Let me tell you what they are doing.

  1. They are looking for their prince charming or their princess at such a tender age where they need to be focused on their studies.
  2. They never understand the reality. 
  3. They want to live in the fake world where they are appreciated by thousand of their followers.
  4. They are dancing on insta, mimicking, doing makeup and not considering that any random person can be their follower. And these young children will not able to distinguish whom to approve or not.
  5. Some of them started believing that some director will notice them and they will get an opportunity in television or film industry.
  6. Some of them think that they will become Tik Tok star, or will earn easy money from sharing their post.
  7. Their aspirations become so high and to full fill them they can take any step which might harm them.
  8. It has been noted that some of them started doing sex talks and sharing their nude pics too.
  9. Some of them start talking to any unknown person too.
  10. I have noticed that most of them get a full support from their parents.

So, it is very evident that we are responsible for creating a fake world for our children where they only get false appreciation. They started dreaming and when they face reality which might not be according to them then the consequences can be hazardous i.e suicide, divorce, depression, mental issues, etc. These children start too much sharing their information and giving all their details on social media. This may impact their privacy.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Sometime the inappropriate content which these children have uploaded before can impact their careers, their future relationships etc.

It is very important to discuss the online content which they are sharing. We need to know whom they are talking too. We need to properly check the online history and the setting of the smartphone, laptop and tablets of our children.

I am being so cynical, but trust me we are going in wrong direction. If we really want to show their talent, let it be in a family and friends. Appreciate their writing, drawing, academics. Share that between family and friends. Encouragement is necessary but it should be in real world.

Let your children learn a difference between right and wrong. Let’s protect our children from the cyber bullying. Let's not make them SUPERSTARS.

Dr. Arshia Sheikh

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