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“No woman is complete unless she is a mother”

A famous saying, but this has destroyed the life of many young woman. Their life has been scrutinized , they are assassinated and sometime their partners leave them. A woman can be infertile. Think of her , your saying would have been the cause of shame to someone. People never consider that she might be suffering from infertility and it is simply a disease which may or may not be cured.

Let me tell you what Infertility is? It is a disease , which can be defined as the inability to attain pregnancy after 12 month of regular or irregular unprotected sex. It is not concerned only with women reproductive organs but males too. Hence there is no scope of gender biasness.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Infertility affects 15% people around the world of reproductive age. In India it is about 10-14% of Indian population. In urban areas in every six couple one is affected. Childlessness in India is about 2.5%. Infertility is not gender specific. It is seen that men suffers from infertility 1.5% more then the woman. But in our society women are blamed for this situation. Their inability to produce a child is ruthlessly discussed by everyone.

Barren womb, dark spaces,

Bearing a child ,I am appreciated.

Loneliness prevails, I am searching to embrace,

Where are you ? I am already hated!”

If you don't have a child, you’re not a failure and you’re not any less of a woman. You’re simply human. It doesn’t mean that a barren womb is devoid of maternal qualities. If a mother can possess these qualities, an infertile woman can also possess these qualities too.

The life of infertile person comes not by choices but by the destiny he is followed by. If you will consider that it is a curse it will not only ruin your confidence but also ability to live life. So it will be wise if you don’t become so judgemental, your worth depends on three factors :-

  • How you are brought up.
  • How you get influenced.
  • What you really want from your life.

Motivation and encouragement are better tools which can affect the society. It is the responsibility of a society to stop planning our lives as it is our life and we can plan out very efficiently. The only important thing is that they can motivate others too. If they will be judgemental it will create only shallowness. Encouraging society will be better idea.

Its high time for a society to stop pressurising and planning our lives. Its our life and we can take decision. We don’t need any suggestions. We don’t want to become a topic of discussion where we are treated as miserable people. Our other worth has been kept aside and we are only considered a woman who is childless. A spot on the face of his man, on his relations and a spot on society.

A special complain for those who in a civilized society shows themselves as ‘God fearing’ people, but never mind in discussing the life of others without thinking about their God, that he is the one who created infertile people so they are no one to complain , to humiliate others by making someone’s infertility as a part of their discussion. If you really want to help her and concern about her then accept the fact. Talk about her worth , talk about her achievements , show your love to her, she really needs that!

A woman is worthy of whatever she wants to be and importantly, who she chooses to be. Her worth cannot be measured and it cannot be taken away because she hasn’t ticked off a particular box on life’s long list of options. Her worth need to be admired. She should be given a full confidence especially by her partner. This disease had a psychological effect. Make her feel she is worthy and she is no less then anyone.

Let me die a thousand death,

Before I get the real one.

All over my life I have chosen worth,

Its my Life, its my breath.


Dignity and pride is the asset of woman,

She feel best when it is acceptable.

If you tear these and give her pain,

Her life will be miserable and full of pain.


Love and respect is that all we need,

Emotions tears us so we plead,

Let me live and let me die,

Rejoicing my freedom and my pride.”


Bearing a child or not can be her choice. It is her wish to discuss about her pregnancy issues, or her decision of wanting a child to any one or not. Respect her decision by supporting your woman. You and your woman will share a more stronger bond.

Don’t scrutinized her life but live with her!!!!

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