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At this hour, someone wants to share her deep feelings with all of us. I expect everyone to give their time and heart to listen to her emotions, with whom we were acquainted even before our birth. Here she starts narrating her journey with us.

"Hi! my dear ones. How are you? I am privileged to say, You Are Mine Forever, but I wish I could also say I am yours too forever. But sadly, NO". I am here to share my emotions with you before I vanish.

"Your soul had a formation, blended with my surge in it. You looked like a shining pearl. I made you float in me and rolled on you, giving all my warmth. Whether hot or chill, I always took care of your fragile figure. Your spirit gets perky with the touch of my stream. I was your only watcher in the darkness, drifting you to break off your cord to witness the brilliant light. Our alliance initiated before your birth and nevertheless came along later than as well".

"I gently brought the universe together as we were, meant for each other. I admired your innocence. I moulded myself the way you wanted to enjoy me. I made your life better in and around you. In turn, you nurtured my nature and loved my abundance. You added colour to me and played with me. I became an integral part of you. When all my friends allied with me, you grew better. Whoever has seen through me whenever I was calm, I always reflected the same, teaching you that calmness reflected the real you. I cared for you like you are mine. My calm nature and my downpour as well were enjoyed by you. I taught you to find new ways to move forward whenever you have obstacles on the way. I feel proud, revealing that more than half of you are me. As long as you exist, I will always aid you to keep you strong and habitually be your ally. The vow I took was heartening to you".

"But I am shocked to realize that you have taken me for granted. Still, I stayed tranquil. You had cut my friends, heated the surroundings, fired the forests, used me, wasted me at your wish and will. My friends were perturbed and showed their furious side. But I intervened and subsided their raging flames in the forests. I quenched you when you were exhausted, drenched you when you were scorched. My dear friend glacier was high and majestic as a mountain in my purest form, but you melted her into pieces. Still, I let you realize that we were created to serve you and breathed even after breaking.

I looked out for everyone to realize my importance, but I failed every time. Yet again, I depart with a heavy heart from you. What if I vanish and never come back? Will my value be realized much later? When my night friend, The Moon, comes near to provoke me, I rise above all as a high tide to show that no one can go against me. I come to you with all force and make everything sink in me, it's my nature. I become brutal to the pathetic people who do not understand me. I mould myself whichever way you want, anywhere, anytime, whenever you need me, but you, with all your six senses, do not realize that when I am not eternal, how can you be? You might question me of my ill-lit deportment. Yeah, I accept it. Everyone has got their dark side to deal with. It's my mysterious way of cleansing the bad. The so-called love that you show is the test of time. My every gesture is to keep you safe from the brute. Maybe one day, you will learn how much I loved and wanted to linger around with you. I wish you realize that I was once your friend you played with, got drenched in, freshened up your spirits, quenched your thirst, and enhanced your vigour.

It's time for me to affirm that I have become a need for you to survive. Let me assume that someday you will feel sorry and want me back. But it will be too late. I am day to day losing grip and sliding away. The warmth of yours is betraying me. I look at the sky and question them, why can't anybody protect me? Every drop of me from heaven can give you shimmering brightness, blossoms, greenery, and LIFE. Now I am your biggest fear and small tear too. Whenever you forget me, I tend to remind you of my presence. I feel distorted under my broken pieces of heart, who always kept your heart safe. All of your sarcastic assertions seize me to nowhere.

Every moment I live with you once again creates magic in its way by creating new life. I exist to make you complete. Whenever you were splashing me, pouring me, tossing me, swirling me, sailing on me merrily with your loved ones and friends, I was your partner in every weird and insane flashback. Finally, you again criticize and toss me off singing Rain, Rain go away. Come again another day. I guess you made it difficult for me to come back another day. Whenever you cried, I came running to you as a glass of console. I was your companion awake all night beside you watching, thinking you might need me any time you got up. You gave me the highest status of saving you. You stepped on my twists and turns, and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I bare your every tread on me. I come running after you like a wave no matter every time you run away from me. In many forms which I get in my lifetime, I only think about how to live with you until your last breath. I ride along like a comrade to satisfy your every want.

But, unfortunately, you all are proud of your inventions and have been building castles on the ashes of my plant friends beneath and fail to realize that we helped you fulfilling your needs. I never complain when you destroy one but plant another. I cause no harm when you love me more and use me less. I feel people living in this world ignoring the fact of having the essential requisite for survival yet not knowing I am not eternal.

Our morality should always provoke us to deliver upstanding conduct for the time ahead. Every time you save me, it's like striving to guard yourselves. I still exist because some respect me, many pray to me, and few sincerely try to keep safe, every drop of me. The moment you put your hands together in salvaging, you are safe. Or else you will reach a stalemate situation. You all are ready to use and manipulate me in any manner but cannot protect and permit my wishes. We breathe the fusion of good and bad. You all have hatred and negativity towards each other, but I don't show any discrimination among you. I assist you as a necessity in every possible way. I unite you when disasters strike you. By this, I imply you take actions immediately to SAVE ME instead of just raising voices to blabber concerning me and not to stay stagnant without actual practices. How can I serve my MOTHER EARTH when I am not safe? Act now, or else you will be left with only tears to WATER the world. It's me WATER warning you ahead".

"I will love you as long as I exist. More than oxy generation, I believe you to generate Oxygen for me to serve you".

Now you know that WATER was voicing out her emotions. Kindly read it once again to relive the moment we spent with her, starting from our Mother's womb. I am sure you can feel her.

I hope everyone understands her emotions and act right now to SAVE HER...!

.    .    .