Why is the world either black or white, when in reality everything appears in a shade of grey!!? Why always you’re either correct or not- either 1 or 0,... isn’t the diversity scheduled to play a role here, can it be six from my perspective and a nine from your end? Yes, it can be. We both can exist together, it’s just a difference in mentality that needs to be encountered!

With this dynamically and rapidly changing world, we are staggered with an orthodox mind-set that needs an evolution. It’s not a disease neither it should be considered one!, with this its time to realise that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer are participants of the same race we are part of. Thanks to the revolutionaries like Subhash Chandra Bose for Rani Laxmibai Regiment and the French women’s who got their right to vote in 1870 otherwise women’s would have been also considered the unacceptable gender. But why every time we require a revolution before acceptance? It is human tendency to hinder rather than embracing the competition, I guess yes. We choose avoiding rather than confronting, and this requires a change. Before persecuting, consider yourselves in their shoe because now it stands out to be a minority vs majority concept and if the government can give them rights then who are you to take them away? 2014, Supreme Court case - NALSA vs Union of India mandates justice for all, 2018 SC Naz case verdict over decriminalization of consensual same sex relationships reviewing section 377 empowered the group. They claimed their right over equality and now they have it which needs to be acknowledged. We all are homo-sapiens and deserve the right and dignity that anyone else is entitled to as per the constitution just because we are human beings despite the gender variance.

Just because these people like things differently, that doesn’t means they aren’t logical in their way-to them you might seem idiotic smiling and making faces with phone in hand! Everyone should have the right to choices and demands. Consider how confined you felt when parents forced you to choose PCM Stream just because you scored high or when acquaintances degrade your standard of education just because you opt humanities! With these cites in hand how could you dare snatch someone’s freedom of expression. Call yourself hypocrite if you don’t pride to be who you’re and what your likings are.

Sexuality is as an intimacy both private and public that everyone possesses but whose life was stitched into what the society called- families, communities, cities, nations. Sexuality was not just about sex, body, desire and identity, but more importantly about politics and democracy. Sexuality was previously a powerful litmus test for the existence of dignity within a constitutional democracy. But do we demand that as an audacious youth of our country demanding equality in every other sphere.

A No from my side. Being sexually different can and should never foster any retaliation!! Nonetheless we are humans first rather than being women, men or in possession of any other sexuality. And how come the work efficiency be dependent on our sexual order? Considering only male and female as the 2 sex is day dreaming and I’ll be highly obliged to those who stand forth with every gender getting equal rights and duties. Their way of life may be complicated or a mystery but still it’s their perception of life and its the need of the hour that we realise that we are no one to change that.


Karl Heinrich Ulrichs quotes-“I am proud, that I found the courage to deal the initial blow to the hydra of public contempt.” But I question why is the mob angry?, it’s a natural phenomenon and my conception to it is that it shouldn’t have to be stretched the same way  menstruation was. What’s the advancement have done is all vain if we still row the same boat of misconceptions!! We need to break the Binary concept of gender because now there are more in competence. And one last question for the citizens- what do you want them to do if they find the 2 prescribed genders as not trustworthy enough for a relationship? May be they found you queer and incompatible for their needs. Well you are no one to comment, only what you can do is suggest as it is like the money bill that will come in force and take its power. Break the stigma before its late as maybe the prescribed genders be on the arena of extinction because sexuality is no longer a criterion for providing dignity. With celebrating June as pride month we all are welcoming #LGBTQ with high regards and now they have equality beside your stereotype acceptance, so better be acknowledging rather than oppressing. Since gender is no longer a Binary concept!!


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