Image by Thuan Vo from Pixabay 

When the echoes of the ocean call me through the waves,
I catch your voice in the nearshore.
Like a lullaby, I sleep over there 
And dream about you like I have never felt this for anyone before.
I write your name on the sand
Over and over,
But no matter how many times I write,
I carve your memory in
And find the polaroids which had traced our memories therein.
I remember the starry night,
Looking through your eyes,
Was a beautiful art I have ever witnessed.
Aware of falling in love with you was flawless.
A stranger next door,
But made me a lover from hopeless romantic I've been before.
Like the tides of the ocean,
I couldn't stop myself from falling in love again.
Scared of the despair and misery in this unrealistic world,
You lifted me up from the darkness unfurled.
From counting the stars and clicking pictures of moon,
To feeling comfort under your arms
And after every bid of goodbye, hoping to meet each other soon.

.    .    .