Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay 

Do you know why the bird sings?
Because the freedom which it celebrates.
Do you know why it flies?
Because the liberty which it savours.

I see the girl like the caged bird,
Trapped inside the accursed world.
Who cares? About her 
I know she can build a startling empire.

But the sinful faces she goes by every day,
Cursing her with a hostile stare which never decay.
Adjudging her at her every angle of glance.
She is portrayed as a scarlet woman.

Men in society are now the womanisers,
Who treats women as their miniature.
She is an aspirant, who dreams about her goals.
But caged in a heinous society by the devilish souls.

The caged bird wants to fly so does the girl.
Sing songs in the name of hope,
And wants to elope
This tyranny of world.

.    .    .