What have we done? I saw the azure shining sky turned into charcoal. I saw the desolation in the air, the rotten sky and broken roads that connected us faintly. Oh, God! What have we done?

From the past few decades, the ozone hole is being depleted, the skies are turning grey and we are protecting ourselves from the air that we used to breathe like its heaven. In past one year, a significant drop in global warming was observed but at what cost? We lost millions of ours. Is this the achievement we have been wishing for so long? There were many controversies regarding the same topic for many years and I believe it will still continue even more. We will keep on debating about it and think of the most idealistic approach toward it. Here’s the solution we are building so far. Firstly, plant more trees which sounds the most easiest thing to say and implement. Secondly, stop burning fossil fuels, stop your car during a traffic jam to avoid wasting fuels and use renewable resources as an alternative. Then comes the awareness campaign, which we as students have been writing for whole 12 years without fails just gain some marks in exams. Also, stop cutting down trees and hence, we can stop the apocalypse of global warming. Scientists knew it way before and they have even more amazing solutions for these. The above stated are the ones which we as a general earthling know and are spreading it so that everyone understands the same. Many notable but unheard people have done some unthinkable feats for mother earth. But just to be realistic all such things might help but up to what extent?

Afforestation sounds perfect. Planting more trees and then saving earth like some comic hero. Here comes the villain, we humans. Suppose you are about to build a house for your family and there’s a tree in the way. Being land restricted you can’t increase the size as people nearby have already built theirs. The most probable way is to cut it down with a promise that you will plant more trees in your garden. Then your family welcomes a baby and you need a car for your family. That means you a car shade as well. The living will always increase as long as you have money. Now the size of the land decreases. People will argue that we can plant small saplings in the house making it nature friendly, yes everyone does that. But is it affecting the earth as a whole? Because if it does then global warming would have decreased even more as almost every household has plants either in their garden or inside their houses. Now it’s an urgent need to stop burning fossil fuels, using fewer private vehicles and using renewable resources. 

Just imagine how can we stop a person from buying their own vehicle say a car who has been longing to buy it? There are millions of people like that. The possible way to stop is to don’t let people have vehicles when they already have at maximum 2 of them. But as for me, I have seen a single family following this idea until the government or some organization makes it mandatory. In addition to that, we have already seen how the pandemic shut down the world and made the roads open for animals and nature for a year. But it wasn’t a choice; it was the only option to save humanity. What we witnessed? People lost their jobs, striving to earn online, finding ways to work even if it was declared an emergency but we can’t stop a company for even a month and we built the culture of work from home. The world never slept. We learnt that we can’t stop the world even for a day. Then how can we stop vehicles saying it’s for the environment and then repeating the same thing the next day? Using renewable resources like solar power, nuclear energy is one of the best options to make the earth greener again. But this idea needs to be implemented on a large scale. As per the daily earthly schedule, we have to consume coal and natural resources we just don’t have options. The population is increasing like a forest fire. Mass genocide can be an option, just kidding as that’s against humanity and I don’t support it. Humanity is increasing and I think it’s unstoppable at this point. Taking it positively it depicts that we are growing even more amazing brains. The earth land is fixed but the earthlings are more. What about campaigns then? The only planet on the solar system which has the most intelligent species ever known and understands all but few fail to realize. Thus, awareness is necessary.

Then you might be thinking, we agree with what you said (because it’s the truth dear earthlings), the writer of this article is a young youth without much knowledge, claiming a solution. Where is it? I think the best way is to escape. Yes “Escape”. The universe is left to open wide. We, humans, have achieved milestones and deciphered many mysteries which we thought of as the act of God. We need to step out. And to do that we need the power of science and technology to create new habitat. Effective use of resources to achieve the target for the long run because even Stephen Hawking said that earth might not be able to hold us much more than a few thousand years. So here’s the question in your mind, “what do we do then? Wait for the science to take us outside the planet and till then we can chill and have a coffee? What is our role?” I am in the same category as you all have faith in science and technology and till then we can continue our small contributions to the nature like we always have been doing.

Maybe this thought has been developed way before by many people but never got the noble prize and enough attention. We need a realistic solution and this might widen our distance from the nature we loved but in order to save it, a place worth living we have to move forward. Light years ahead may the journey of humanity live.

.   .   .