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Part 1

"Do you feel any kind of anxiety when you are alone?"


"Any breakdowns recently?"

"Not anymore.”

"Then why did you jump off from the building."

"What? When? I-I don't think I am at that state."

"Yes, you are, honey", blood slowly started running down her head.

"Where am I? Wait. Where are you going? Who are you?", screams intensify.

She wakes up.

"Welcome back, you were sleeping for 2 days."

"What was that.”

"Shouldn't have taken LSD."

"I had a nightmare."

"I guess you still feel guilty for that murder you did. Must be hallucinating about that person."

"Yes, he said I jumped off from a building."

"Well, dreams are always related to you and not others. You could find a better way to murder someone than pushing them off any building, anyways..."

Alarm buzzes

"Prisoners are ordered to stay wherever they are for inspection.”

Part 2

Two years back,

"I mean meds don't work, I still feel something wrong with me."

"What do you feel?"

"Kinda like throwing up all the time, headaches."

"How long has it been since you saw that accident?"

"Well! It has been quite a while."

Phone rings

"Oh! Time's over, we will continue as per our schedule the next day."

Wakes up from the dream.

"Hey, breakfast is ready, you feel good?"

"Really feel like a complete psychopath.”

"No, c'mon it wasn't you, you didn't kill anyone."

"I don't know, I don't remember."

"You just knew him for one night."


"Yes, you hooked up with him, what's wrong with you."

"No, I killed him."

" Shut up. The police will be arriving anytime soon. I got the lawyer. Better not speak your mind up." "Please, open the chains, my wrist hurts like hell."

Part 3

In prison...

"So, what's your full story? How did you end up here in prison."

"I killed a guy. We met each other at a party and caught each other's sight. We started dating then and one day I killed him."


"Because I was forced to do so."

"Who forced you?"


"I guess she is responding."

"Her condition is getting better, she's been in a coma for two years now."

"She was suffering from schizophrenia, and after that murder, she saw I don't know but her condition became worse."

"A witness, she was just a witness."

"There's a lot more going on with her than being just a witness."

"I know whatever I have done, I am definitely not a good mother, letting my daughter see my crimes."

Part 4

"I saw mom."

"She said that it's her fault."

"Is it why she committed suicide after that?"

She turned around.

"Hey, are you okay, whom are you talking to? What were you dreaming for so long?" "Nothing."

"What's about the person that made you do all this? You didn't say shit."

"It's a lady and that was my husband I killed. I remember now. That was my husband. They brainwashed me."

"What? And where is that lady now?"

"She's dead. She made me kill my husband and she forced me to say that I didn't, at the court, so I could be tortured by her forever. So I killed her. She did all this for revenge."

"What revenge?"

"She manipulated me to the extent that I lost my sanity. The traumas are haunting me still."

She starts panicking.

"But the revenge?"

"My mother committed suicide. She was the reason."

"Why? What had happened here?"

"It was all planned. That lady is standing in front of me."

She faints.

Part 5

"Yes, schizophrenia is worse than you think. That lady is her mind, it's making all this up. She was the actual murderer of her own husband. Her mother isn't even alive. She died three years ago. She misses her. She makes up everything."

"But she said her mother committed suicide?"

"Yes, that's what her mother did in front of her. She sometimes thinks she is not in jail. She thinks this is a hospital where she is lying unconscious. Her mother standing there blaming herself for her daughter's condition, She thinks her illness would be better if her mother was alive."

"Her mind wanted to kill her husband so she killed him she is a total psycho."

"Where is she now?"

"Maybe they took her to a mental asylum now."

"You want to know more?"


"You were the reason for her mother's suicide and."

"What are you saying."

"You have Psychogenic amnesia and she was your dear friend. You are here because of her mother's suicide, dumbo. You both need to go to a mental asylum."



.     .     .