Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay 

Stars aligned.
The juvenile sun's rays evanesced.
The Luna beguiled the night,
Captivated it to stay addicted.
Upon the scary hills,
It shone, spellbound among the stars.
High enough to breathe the poison,
Unaware of its dark scars.
How lovely it can be?
Being a windy night.
Wondering solo through its beauty,
Epitome of the light.
It lives among its twinkling balls.
Cutting deeply into its cavernous mind,
Where it paints itself 'the starry night'.
It's a parallel sky, where it grinds.
Now it's a starry darkness forever.


Stars here disappear like the happiness a person had with their childhood being the sun's rays. Every happiness and it's childish behaviours vanishes and melts down when it's adulthood explained as a moon beguiles it to its worldly pleasures. The person being the night stays addicted to it without knowing he was slowly drowning into the darkness of the reality of the world.

"Upon the scary hills", the ups and downs of the life is scary as well as beautiful like a hill.

In those hills a person tries to outshine everyone, spellbound by it, it shone with its dreams which is the "stars". With all these it breathes through the poison, his/her mentality, slowly leading to their failure. A person remains unaware of that, the dark scars, the dark mind it has.

Through sarcasm, here it says how lovely can it be with all this darkness a person has, being a 'windy night'. A person with a narcissistic trait wonders among its beauty only. The person still here is the night but it represents itself as a light.

The person lives within it's mind's boundaries, its dreams, its 'twinkling balls".The person is deeply involved in their mind. Painting itself whatever he wants itself to be 'the starry night', but it's not the reality. It's a 'parallel sky' means parallel life where his mind is.

At last, it concludes a person remains as he is in its starry darkness. Where there is only it's proudness and adulthood forgetting all the reality and his actual self.

.    .    .