Samantha: I am up mom, I groaned as my mom yelled trying to wake me up. I just hate these early mornings, but there is nothing I can do, so maybe the best thing will be to get up and get ready or I have to see the wrath of my mom. I started getting ready and packing some of my stuff. I hate the idea of moving from my childhood place but I also understand that our family’s condition has been bad since my dad died, and mom finally found a well-paid dream job and my sister is happy too and I don't want to ruin anyone’s happiness but I know, leaving this place will be like leaving an important piece of me. I try to put that thought away and continue to pack. When all of the work was done, I looked at my phone and shit, it has been 2 hours so, I picked the boxes and went downstairs. Damn my mom and Ronnie had packed the whole house, and now I have to say goodbye to everyone, this house, my friends and especially him. 

I picked the boxes and set them in the car. By the last box my mom looked at me with an apologetic look and ran her hand through my hair and said, 

“I am so sorry Samantha, I know how much this affects you.”

I tried to give her a reassuring smile saying that it was okay, that this might be a nice change for me. But we both knew that was a lie, so she hugged me and wiped away a tiny tear sitting on her perfect brown lashe. I turn and look at my dream palace one last time with tears in my eyes, and suddenly flashbacks from when I first moved there were in front of my eyes. I was 4 years old and my dad just got his job and shifted here. This was the most welcoming neighborhood and I know that for sure as we moved a lot because of my dad's job, but this was the one place which felt like home as soon as I entered for the very first time. We spent the longest time here, almost 13 years and with him being around it made things easier than ever. He is very chaotic but I like it. I even believed that it was his chaos that made him beautiful. He was like my own rubik's cube, I thought I knew how to crack him, but I was wrong but I sure loved to try and fail again and again. He had a unique name, Hayden Parker, and like his name he is unique too. For as long as I can remember he didn’t have many friends,he had only one friend Jakson, who is also my good friend and that’s why I met Hayden in the first place. I have known him for 10 years and I always found him a little weird as he always used to sit under a tree in the park and read a book and hardly said anything to anyone . He never came to play with us, but later I found out that he was captain of the football team in our school, I mean he definitely had a body for it but it made it even weirder. At first I didn’t care about him but then we came in the same class and slowly I developed interest in him and 2-3years ago despite all my efforts I fell for him. I became obsessed with him. I used to torment Jakson for Hayden’s information, as he was the only one who knew about my feelings for him. I didn’t tell my other friends as I knew that none of them liked Hayden as they didn’t know him like Jakson and me. I had a lot of chances to confess my feelings for him but I never did as I was sure that he didn’t have feelings for me. And as I was lost in these thoughts I came back to reality as my mom honked, I shuddered and started walking towards the car.

I gasped as all of my friends were standing with tears in their eyes, except him, which didn’t surprise me but I was a little sad about it as I wanted to see him one last time. I ran towards my friends and engulfed them all, each of them also gave me gifts to remember them. In the last when I leaned to hug jackson he whispered in my ear, 

“I am so sorry, I tried to convince him to come too, but he refused and honestly, I think he didn’t knew as he was pretty surprised when I mention you were leaving”

It’s okay Jake, you have already done so much for me. I said to him knowing I meant it. After goodbyes I sat in the car and we started leaving. When we reached near his house, I looked at his room and I saw a boy who loves books, more than anything standing near the window with headphones on and a book in his beautiful hands as always. Suddenly the song, ‘ Never been in love’ started playing and my mom raised the volume as it was my favorite song, and as soon as we crossed his house I broke and started crying as this song reminded me of the only time Hayden and I actually talked and spent a significant amount of time together. It was a few years ago, I had recently realized and accepted my feelings for Hayden. We had a dance competition in school and Jakson was my partner and during our practice we came close and I told him about how I felt for Hayden. On the day of the competition I got to know 5 minutes before my performance that Jackson had twisted his leg and would not be able to perform. I went complete bananas and started panicking, and moving frantically, then suddenly out of nowhere Hayden appeared and asked, 

“Hey, everything okay?”

And I replied, yes everything is completely okay except for one teeny- tiny problem that your best friend a.k.a my partner has twisted his leg. And he looked at me concerned and asked me to take him to Jackson. After seeing him he turned towards me and smiled and asked,

“On a scale from 1 to 10 how much is this competition important to you?”

A solid 10, I said very irritated not at him but at the situation. He sighed and took off his jacket and said,

“I will tag in”

WHAT?? Both Jake and I said, completely shocked. 

“Yes, I will tag in, I know the routine a little and for the rest you can follow my lead.”

After saying this he left and took his position. I also ran after him and we danced to the song ‘Never been in love.’ and from that day forward that became my favorite song. And it was the first time I actually got to see this other side of Hayden. And after that we came a little closer, he talked to me a little and we were on first name basis, but I hardly saw him since the day I knew that we were moving, so I couldn’t tell him myself, but I wonder did he actually was unaware of the fact that I was moving, and with that thought stuck in my head we moved forward to start a new journey.

Parker: I can’t believe she is gone just like that. An hour was very little time to digest the news that I won’t be able to see her again. I wanted to go and kiss her and tell her that I was in love with her but I knew that she was not into me and if I saw her I would cry like a little baby, right in front of everybody. I wanted to stop her so badly but not like in those movies in which the guy stops the lady selfishly, just in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she might have a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So, I walked out of the conversation with Jackson and went into my room and collapsed in my bed thinking this one line I read in a book which describes her perfectly, ‘if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.’ With her being here, I finally found the way out of the labyrinth of sufferance, but now I don’t know what I will do because she was the only one beside Jackson who talked to me and to an extent liked me. I don’t know how to express these feelings, so I took my phone and played my favorite song, ‘never been in love’ and started reading a book, waiting for her car to pass. And when it finally did I looked at her extremely gorgeous and perfect face for what I thought last time, and as she was not in my vision anymore, I started to cry, remembering how much I enjoyed when I danced with her and how happy she was when we won, that she even hugged me, not knowing the only reason I did so good, and we won was because I felt every word in that song for her. 

Samantha: It has been a week since we moved so far I have been distracted, with my work and other stuff to think about my friends or Hayden for that matter. Jack and I have texted a couple of times and he told me that since I moved he has not even once seen Hayden. He stopped coming to the park, and he has called him many times but he was not answering. Which made me concerned for him. But I was also so busy settling that I didn’t give it much thought. 

2 weeks passed and I made friends with my school tour guide, and my neighbor, Timothy. He is very sweet and basically my therapist. I met him the day after moving to our new place and from that day onwards we became friends. He has been listening to my Hayden drama for 2 weeks straight and still he didn’t ghost me, so I decided to take him out for a treat, so that he could also show me around. So we went, and for once I let him vent. He was very upset as the guy he met yesterday for a blind date was a dick. After eating we went to Tim's mother's clinic. He wanted me to show his adorable husky and his mother’s work was also almost done. 

Hi mrs. Charles, I greeted her as we walked in her cabin. 

“Please call me Vivian hon.”

Okay, I said smiling widely, you have a beautiful clinic Vivan, I complimented. 

“ Oh honey it’s all Dan’s magic. Tim’s father is an architect, he designed this whole thing.” 

She said proudly, yeah it's incredible, I said only to be interrupted by one of the nurses calling Vivan for something, she left us. I started to play with Tim’s husky, Lee. She was a puppy so she was comfortable with me. After some time, Vivan came in and said that one of my friends was out looking for me, and I thought that it must be Jackson, but when I went out and saw the person standing in front of me I completely froze.

Parker:  It has been some time since Sam moved, and I completely shut myself from the outside world. After some time I started going school again but I still didn’t talk to Jackson, until he practically abducted me as he was worried about me. I didn’t tell him much but he had an idea about why I was so upset so he gave me the new address of Samantha, and said, 

“It’s never too late, Park.”

And he went away smiling. Now I didn’t know what to do as I held a chance to see her again in my hand but at the same time I was very scared that maybe she would not like my presence but then at the same time Jack wouldn’t have given me her address if he wasn’t so sure that Sam liked me, so I don't know what to do. I stared at the piece of paper that had her address for 3 days and then I finally went to Jack for some advice. When I saw him, without waiting I asked him if he knew that Sam liked me or not, and honestly he was surprised and it took him a minute to understand the whole situation and my question. 

“Um….. w-wow, I-I, um… did you just ask me if um… Sam likes you.” 

He asked for confirmation and I got annoyed and said, yes, man, now tell me does she like me? He took a second and took out his phone texted someone which made me more annoyed and after a while he put his phone back in his pocket and said,  

“Why don’t you ask her yourself, you hold the means and I just asked her, she is in a clinic right now with a friend, I have texted you that address as well. So, go and ask her yourself.”

I took out my phone hestanitely and then I looked at the address then at Jack and he gave me a reassuring smile and I nodded saying, what the hell, I am going. And I ran out of there to the clinic, hoping that at least she will be happy to see me. 

When I reached the clinic, I asked the receptionist if she could call Samantha Davis, and as she was going to say something I heard someone saying,

“Who are you and what do you want with Samantha, sweety?”

When I turned I saw a blonde, blue eyed middle aged woman standing in front of me with a warm smile. I said, um.. I-I mmm… wanted to meet Samantha. I am..her friend. She nodded and headed inside and I sat in the waiting area. Finally I heard footsteps coming towards me and I stood up, I was extremely nervous about this whole thing and I decided to run away from there but before I could go I saw her standing in front of me completely frozen, which made me freeze.  

Samantha: It was Hayden standing in front of me. We both were frozen but then he shuddered a little and smiled at me, which made me smile and I moved in his direction to hug him only to be stopped by a voice behind me, 

“Hey, is everything okay?”

I turned and gave Tim a nod and when I turned back into Hayden’s direction his smile faded but at that time I didn’t care, I walked towards him and hugged him tightly. After we pulled I saw the smile was back on his face. Hayden, what are you doing here? I asked him excitedly and as he was going to answer Tim came forward and said,

“Oh, so you are the famous Hayden Parker. I am Timothy”

Hayden gave him a fake smile and shook his hand saying,

“It's a pleasure to meet you.”

“Pleasure is mine” 

Tim said and then Hayden turned towards me and said,

“To answer your question I was just passing by and Jackson told me you were here so I thought, that we never got a chance to say goodbye, so maybe we could do that on a cup of coffee, but you clearly look busy”

He said looking at Tim and continued

“So maybe next time.”

He said and started walking away without looking back leaving both me and Tim confused. Tim came in front of me and as he was about to say something, I said, I don’t know what happened today, generally he is sweet even if he doesn’t talk much to people. He sighed and said,

“It’s okay maybe we should go, your mom must be waiting for you” 

Yeah I said and we both left. 

Parker: I walked out of there in anger and I went straight home. In the way I saw Jackson and seeing me like that he knew something was wrong so he followed me and as soon as we reached inside I took the lamp of the table and threw it and he got a little scared and I threw some cushions off the couch and when I was done, I sat right there on the floor with my heads between my knees and I started crying and I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I look up it was Jackson, I hugged him and he gently stroked my hair as I cried in his arms for the very first time in my life. And after some time I spoke, she has a boyfriend. And Jackson looked at me with confused looks and I continued, in my entire miserable life the only person I let in, was you as you are like my brother, I never let anyone in, I said sobbing, but I let her in and of course this happens. You know I tried so hard to not fall for her but I couldn’t help it and she was the only reason I came to park daily and joined football. It just hurts, I said sobbing and Jackson held me more tightly knowing that this incident actually hurt me a lot as I was never close to anyone other than him, even to my parents and I finally wanted to get close to someone and she was already committed and now I guess I really have to move on, but the problem was I didn't knew how to, she was the only girl I wanted to be in relationship with. She was something else entirely, I had never seen someone so sweet and kind and innocent in real life. She saw light in me when all I saw was darkness, and seeing her with that dick just broke me and I don’t know how long it will take me to be fixed again.

Samantha: I went home after the whole scene and no matter how much I tried to distract myself I couldn’t forget my conversation with Hayden, he seemed weird and then a thought stuck in my head. What if he thought Tim was my boyfriend and he was jealous. Though it seemed too good to be true, but that was the only explanation of Hayden’s behavior. I wanted to call him but I didn't know if he would answer my call. After some time I called him and he picked

Hayden hey!

"It’s Jackson"

Oh hey Jack, how are you?

"I am good, what do you want"

Um…I wanted to talk to Hayden. Is he there 

"I am sorry Sam but he doesn't want to talk to you"

Jack said in a very sharp and rude tone and ended the call. 

Now things were getting very weird so I decided to go and see boys myself and clear any misunderstanding.

The next day I woke up early as I was excited to see my two favorite boys, and at the last moment Tim also insisted on coming as he also thought that the whole misunderstanding was because of him. We reached there I saw Jack outside Hayden’s house. I ran to him and hugged him hard and he took a minute to realize that it was me and then he hugged me back. After we pulled I turned and saw Tim coming in our direction. I saw Jackson's smile fade but I gestured Tim to come fast. When he came I introduced them, Jack this is Timothy and Tim this is Jackson. They both shaked their hands and I could tell by Jack's face that he also didn't like Tim, so I let both of them talk to each other for sometime. After some time they were talking about something and I saw an opportunity so I took it and said, yeah his boyfriend also did that to him. And Jack looked at us surprised and said

"If you don't mind me asking, are you gay?"

Tim laughed and said,

"No, I don't mind and yes I am gay."


Jack said with sudden realization on his face and he felt bad for how he acted with Tim earlier. We talked for a while then I saw Hayden in the distance. He was walking in a strange manner and seeing him like that Jackson's expression also changed like he needed to tell him a secret or something. When Hayden came near us I realized that he was drunk at that time, and seeing him like that it pained me so I slapped his arm saying, now you have started to drink. 

"So what, I am not your boyfriend, you cannot control me"

He said looking at Tim. Yeah, I said angry, but I am your fucking friend big guy so I have every right to call you on your shit. And I looked at his face and he was hurt when I called him my friend. And then he said, 

"Samantha Davis, the girl who always needs to micromanage people and show herself as a hero, but you can keep me out of your drama, we are not friends, I just danced with you once to save your ass and after that we talked a little. So you might want to go and be with your other 'friend'." 

And I had tears in my eyes and went near him and slapped him and said, you are correct we are not friends. And as I was leaving Jack called me from behind but I didn't turn. I just held Tim's hand and sat in my car and drove away from there, the place which was no longer my dream palace. Somehow I controlled myself till we reached home and after that I rushed in my room and started crying as one of the thing which I loved about him the most was how he respected everyone no matter what and today just proved that I was wrong and that made me think about how I could be wrong about other things that I liked about him.

The next day when I was going school Tim came and offered me a ride and I took it. In the car we both sat in silence for a while but when we reached and I was getting out Tim stopped and asked?

"Hey are you okay?"

Yeah... What happened to me? I asked. And he said 

"No, after yesterday's drama I figured you'd be mess"

Ha, I laughed and said, I would be lying if I said that I wasn't affected at all but there is one thing I am sure about that I am not going to be one of those people whose life stops because of a boy. 

"It's good to hear that"

Tim said, meaning it and we went to our class. I wasn't sure about what I felt for Hayden anymore but I was sure that I felt something as the way he hurt me nobody has ever hurt me. 

Parker: I also went inside after she slapped me, and I was feeling very bad, so I broke the bottle which was in my hand by throwing it on the wall. Jackson came shortly and as he was about to say something I said, don't say her name in front of me. From this day on I don't want to hear her name or see her face ever again, and without waiting for his reply I went into my room, closed the door and slept. The next day when I woke up and sobered up I realized what I did the other day and I felt extremely guilty and I decided that I would not see her face or hear her voice or even her name ever again as I don't have the guts to face her. After everything I tried to get my life back on track but I couldn’t as she was the only thing in mind. I wanted to go and apologize to her but I also knew that she wouldn't even see my face let alone accept my apology, and honestly I think I deserve that. And then I decided to talk to Jackson. When I called him he didn’t answer and I figured that he was angry with me so I decided to apologize to him first.

I broke into his room from his window and as I was stuck in the middle of the window I heard a scream and I also got scared and screamed and saw Jack inside scared. Woah chill man it's me I said trying to keep my balance. 


He said taking a deep breath and he continued 

"Are you out of your freaking mind?"

I need to talk to you, but first help me get in. I said losing my grip, he immediately came and helped me. When I came in he slapped my arm and yelled 

"Why the hell were in my window, and why can't you act as a normal person for once in your life."

I just smiled and hugged him. He was shocked by my act and I said, if you don't hug me back it will make things awkward very fast. And he said...

"I can't you pinned my arms down."

I laughed and pulled back and hugged him again and said, I am really very sorry Jack for how I have been acting these past weeks. And as I was speaking my smile converted into tears and I choked a little on the next sentence, I-I never me- ment t- to hurt you. As you said I am not a normal person and then also you stayed friends with me and even treated me like your brother. A small sob came out as I continued. I promise I will try to be a better person and a friend like you. I am sorry. 

"Hey man stop crying, it's okay."

Jack said, stroking my back and then he pulled away and made me sit and gave me a glass of water, and said

"I forgive you. And I love you just the way you are and you don't need to change because me as that's what makes you special. And I am the last person you should be apologizing to." 

Ha I laughed, I don't know how to face her man. I behaved like a complete asshole. 

"It's okay we will come up with something together."

Jack consoled me. 

For a few weeks we both tried but didn't come up with any nice idea and then one day I was at school and our teacher made an announcement about a music competition happening at the mall and an idea struck me. I went running to Jack and when I saw him without skipping a beat I said, I have an idea but I need your help in it. 

"Whatever you need man." 

He said and I said 2 days later, exactly at 1.00pm you have to bring Sam to the Star Court mall.

"That's all?"

He doubted. Yeah! I said, I know how to apologize to her. I didn’t tell him my idea as I wanted to see their faces when they discovered that I had decided to take part in a singing competition….

Samantha: It had been weeks since that incident and I feel like my life has finally started to move on track with the help of Tim and Jack. Jack is an excellent friend, he hasn't even once mentioned Hayden’s name or that day in front of me. I was missing him very much so we planned on meeting on the 26th in Star Court mall. But there was one thing I was afraid of, that mall was very close to my old place, so what if Hayden comes there to ruin that as well. I ignored that thought and thought about how much I was going to enjoy with Jack after so long.

 The day was finally here. I woke up early and got ready and waited for Jack to pick me. When he came I immediately left with him. We reached the mall and Jack seemed distracted most of the time and after reaching I stood before him hands tied near my chest, and said, spill. 

He looked me with confused expression and said


What's up, something is wrong I can tell by your behavior. He gulped and looked at his watch and said 

"Come with me."

I hesitated a little but then we held my hand and dragged me to another section of the mall where a music competition was going on. What are we doing here? I groaned. 

"I don't know exactly."

I gave him a pointed look and said Jackson Ethan Martin tell me what's going on. He nervously smiled and said 

 "Please don't kill me but Hayden asked me to invite you here."

And after this sentence my blood boiled and I said, you are the luckiest man on earth Martin that we are in public. He looked at me with an apologetic expression as he knew I was furious at him as I used his last name. As I stated to walk away and Jack was calling my name I heard the host announcing

"Our next contestant Hayden Parker, please a round of applause."

And as I heard Hayden’s name I was shocked and as I turned I saw Jackson's face just like me. And as I was about to ask him if it was our Hayden, he came to the stage and started by saying

"Hello everyone I am Hayden and today I dedicate my song to a girl who is very important to me whom I hurt, if you are here I am sorry."

And he started singing "Jealous guy'' by John Lennon. Boy he had the most melodies voice I ever heard. With each line tears began to pool in my eyes as this was a very big step for him, for as long as I remembered he was always an introverted guy with social anxiety who wanted to sit alone when every other kid was playing and he took part in a singing competition just for me. By the time the song ended he received a standing ovation from the audience and the host came and asked for all the contestants to join Hayden on stage and to announce the winner. The host announcing

"The winner of the annual spring fest music competition 2021 is HAYDEN PARKER"

Everyone started to applaud even me as I was actually very happy for him and really moved by his method of apologizing but I wasn't sure if I forgive him completely. I saw him seeing me through the crowd. I smiled towards him and started walking away. As I got out of the mall somebody held my wrist and when I turned saw Hayden.


He said and I smiled a little and said hey. 

"So….were you there for the whole thing?"

He asked nervously and honestly he was looking very cute and I just nodded my head to answer his question.

"So.. um.. do me?" 

He asked, leaving my hand. And I took a deep breath and said, Hayden I really appreciate the effort, I really do but…

"Why is there always a but."

Hayden said as a few tears escaped his eyes and by looking at him like that tears started to form in my eyes as well and I apologized I am sorry.

"No, I am sorry, please forgive me." 

He pleaded with me and seeing him like that pained me as I never want to hurt him but I don't know what I want so I swallowed hard and looked at him and said, I just don't know yet. And he was hurt and he said, 

"Sam I know what I did was wrong but please as I can't imagine you hating me forever." 

What you did hurt me more than I could ever imagine as you were the one saying all that shit and the thing is I still don't hate you, trust me I tried every day, tried to hate you but it had quite the opposite effect. I said now sobbing lightly. 

"The reason I behaved poorly that day was because of your boyfriend Timothy, I know I have no right but seeing you with him stirred a lot of emotions in my mainly jealousy and rage and being an asshole I took it out on you." 

Image by Mircea - See my collections from Pixabay 

He said shedding tears and I slapped my head and yelled, Timothy is not my boyfriend he is gay you fucking idiot! And I see his expression change and I continue, and even if he is my boyfriend, why the hell do you care? As I remembered that you never got involved in anybody's business except Jackson, so why did you have an emotional outburst. 

"Because I fancy you!!" 

He yelled and my eyes got big and my jaw dropped. What? I asked, believing I heard it wrong. He came close to me and cupped my face with his big yet soft hands and said, 

"I fancy you Samantha Davis, is it so hard to believe?"

Yes it is, I said blushing a little, maybe because you always stayed alone and never even talked much to me. And he looked at me biting his lower lip his hands still resting at my face and he finally said, 

"Because you are the only person who has the power to make me nervous and do things." 

Do things that hurt me, I said as a few tears came again. 

"Hey I am really really sorry" 

He said sincerely as he was wiping the tears from my cheek where his hands were and I held his hand and said, it's okay, I forgive you.


He asked. Yeah, I said and then I asked, why do you even like me I am a mess and he smiled and said

"I am a mess too. Trust me. So, let's clean each other up." 

That was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to me so I giggled a little and wiped my face and joined our heads together. Then he started rambling 

"Sam I want you to know that I will never ever in my life hurt you, you are the best thing that ever walked in my life even as a friend and I will respect your decision to date someone else if that's what it takes for you to stay in my life."

And he kept rambling and I just pulled him closer and made our lips collide. 

Hayden: As I was trying to make Sam stay she suddenly pulled me closer into a passionate kiss. This was the best moment of my entire life. The heat was generating more and more as our tongues were fighting for dominance, I let her win. Slowly she left my hand and hand stroked my neck and I held her waist tightly not wanting to leave her, ever again. 

Suddenly I heard whistle and we both pulled away to see Jack, we both got a little embarrassed and he came jumping to us and hugged us saying

"Finally, you guys have no idea how long I have been waiting for this." 

Sam and I laughed a little and pulled away and I said, be cool man. And he smiled then he said, 

"I assume you guys have a lot to say to each other so I am going to leave you lovebirds but remember to give me details." 

And he left us. I turned towards Sam and said, do you wanna go somewhere and talk. 

"Would love to"

She said and we both went to my car and after that to her favorite restaurant.

"So, why didn't you ever tell me about your feelings" 

She asked me as I was trying to fit a large piece of bun in my mouth,so I took a minute and said because every guy from school to our neighborhood had a crush on you even Jack, I replied with a little unclear voice as that bun was still in my mouth. 

"What Jack had a crush on me?"

She asked completely surprised and I nodded and said, yeah but don't tell him that I told you or he will kill me, she laughed and for the next several hours we talked. We even went to the park for a walk, and finally the time came when I had to drop her home. We both got out of the car and I escorted her to her door. Good night I said not sure of should I kiss her or not 

"Good night"

She said leaning in into yet another melting kiss but this time it was more hot and passionate. While kissing I pushed her to the side wall and I was so lost in her that I started kissing her neck and she moaned a little and I stopped realizing we were out and anyone could see us. She looked at me with her intoxicating eyes and asked, 

"Do you wanna come inside?"

I was unsure and said, don't get me wrong but isn't your mum inside. 

"No, my mom is visiting my aunt for the weekend and my sister is having a sleepover with her friends"

She said smirking and I bit my lip leaning towards her whispering in her ear, then why not. She opened the door and we went inside after closing the door. She stood there leaning a little on the door. So, I pushed her into the door as we started kissing roughly. Then I slipped my hand from her waist to her thighs wrapping them around me, she squealed and giggled a little, while I was lifting her and God that was the most angelic voice I ever heard. Where is your room? I asked her and she pointed towards her room. I opened the gate then I threw her on the bed and then I joined her we started kissing again and as I was kissing her neck she slid her hand and started unbuttoning my shirt and I backed up a little and asked, are you sure you wanna do this? 

"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this" 

She said and pulled me on to her and we started kissing again. She opened my shirt and switched positions with me. She came on top of me and then bit her lip and started kissing my chest. Slowly she moved down on my stomach and before I knew it she was opening my jeans, I took a deep breath with a low groan and let her do her work. As she started gagging herself I carefully held her hair in my hand moving my lower area according to her mouth. After a while she kissed my lips and I took the opportunity and came on top of her. She giggled lightly. I removed her shirt and traced her upper body with light kisses, later I moved a little down. I unbuttoned her shorts and as I slid them down, I drew small circles on her thighs and she groaned in desperation and I stopped to look at the beauty lying in front of me. 

“What are you looking at?”

She asked shyly and I smiled and said, you my love and she blushed and covered her face saying 

“Stop you are making me insecure”

And I laughed and removed her hands from her face saying, sweetheart believe me with a body like that you have nothing to be insecure about, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. She smiled brightly at me and I picked up from where I left. I started kissing her inner thighs and as I moved a little further I heard her saying my name like a prayer then I backed up a little and she breathlessly said

“Don’t you dare stop now”

I laughed a little and inserted two fingers in her slowly and she started moaning, after sometime as I was teasing her by never fully giving, she got more desperate and said,

“I can't do it anymore, please Hayden stop teasing me.” 

I laughed and decided to fulfill her wish and as I did she dropped her head backwards and again started to chant my name as I also moaned because of all the pleasure.

The next morning I woke up by the sun beaming on me. I opened my eyes and saw Sam looking at me. For how long have you been staring me I asked her she nervously bites her lip and said 

"A while I didn’t want to wake you up, you were looking so beautiful."

No that's all you I said grabbing her as giggled. Then she kissed me and stroked her hand gently on my face and ran from there saying, 

"Going to make breakfast" 

Even though she left, but at that time I felt like a part of her was still with me and after last night that now that part will be with me forever.

 After a few minutes I got up and got ready and went into the kitchen to see her making sandwiches for us. I went from behind and I hugged her and she got a little scared which made me laugh because of which she threw mayonnaise at me then I threw mustard on her which in the end converted into nasty food war.

After we were done cleaning I looked at the time and said, I must be going as your little sister is about to arrive.

"Oh yeah"

She said disappointed and I cupped her face and said, don't be disappointed, love, we can go on a date as soon as your mom arrives. She smiled and nodded and I hugged her, kissing her forehead. Good bye love I said       

"Bye Hayden"

She said and I walked out closing the door behind me knowing that from this day onwards everything will be changed for good.

.    .    .