Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

The world every day tries to become more and more efficient in what it does. The machines man has been making since he rubbed the stones for fire, or the invented electricity that passes through a wire, everything makes him more efficient and hence more productive. 

But productivity is not just the function of scientific inventions. It is also a function of personal discoveries. The more you work on such discoveries, you get to know yourself, and hence working on yourself can make you more efficient. I would rather say, that scientific invention is the function of personal discoveries. The more you get to know yourself, the more you know what you need and the more you know what can be done to make your life better. 

So, how you become productive has its answer in how you make personal discoveries. First, let’s understand what personal discovery is. It is to know about yourself and find traits you have got but you didn’t know of those before. For instance, if you sing well, and you had been a bathroom singer for a long, you must work enough on yourself to know you can rise much higher than just being a bathroom singer. Let’s take another example, you are a good cook and you have been just cooking for your family ever since. To know and realize you can use your recipes and cooking skill for earning money or to feed the needy is a personal discovery. In another instance let’s assume you are lazy, and you discover it about yourself. So, knowing it will make you work on yourself, and you become active.

It is rather confusing when I say you do personal discoveries, know about yourself, and be the champion. But how? How to work on yourself is a big question. What is it to work on yourself? It is to spend more time with self, isolate yourself from the outer noise and be with self. Observe self. Do more of what you do as a hobby or time pass or what you do very easily. You will find what you are good at. It is making yourself available for yourself. Once you know what you are good at, and what you love to do more, you will do it in the best possible way. And that makes you productive.

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