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It was when I came to know what poetry is, it was when I was not letting my words my feelings out to anyone, it was then I just kept dropping some lines out of my feelings in a jumbled and somewhat rhymed manner.

There I came to know the exact feel every poet and every writer could have.. though I'm not a professional poet or writer neither too good at it nor trying to achieve professionality but I understand how this little writing could make a heavy heart feel emptied already...

It says that papers are more trusted than people and that's why the so-called contract term is in the market ... Though it could be a like a diary writing way too directly I guess is more challenging so that's where the poetry comes in the scene. Not only for self but also to dedicate something to someone is easier this way for people like introverts and not as straightforward as they could be in a particular situation.

When it comes to music, every single person has a choice that gives relief in some manner, so poetry does as it has its rhythmic feel as well. 

Poetry has a manner to reach in and out of the heart from nowhere altered thoughts gambling around the mind in such intense midnight. 

No wonder it's just a complex but reliable feeling that every human might have in his life once where the only dependency was "The me and my materials".

Poetry is just letting out yourself to the world without hesitating and busting around kind of feel just because it's indirect.. the one who will understand it will understand you and those who don't understand can't get to embrace you.

So I say poetry is the way of reflecting your soul just by gathering the moments and fantasy into some inked strings visibly scanned by different minds or recalled by the same.

It does show your life's Trace !!

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