Image by Sue Halliburton from Pixabay 

One bright winter morning I was standing in the church, 
With my mind full of mirth, 
Bubbly, airy and untroubled was I, 
Until Disaster decided to pass by. 

The giant windows wide open then, 
Suddenly blew the strong gush of winter breeze in, 
All of a sudden I felt the cold pierce my skin, 
And that I was dying within. 

Weary, gaunt, and frail I felt, 
And on me a distress befell, unlike any I' er beheld, 
It overtook me and made me desperate, 
And for a moment it seemed as if there was no air. 

Then some kind hearts took me outside,
With loving words and tender care. 
I sat there weary in the sun,
When all of a sudden, there she had come!

A little gentle being was she,
Small and beautiful, with eyes filled with glee.
As her mother stood watching by,
She came by me to say hi.

I looked at her as she drew near,
And wondered what this child was doing here.
She smiled and came near and near,
And touched my cheek, with her tiny hands and strange, happy cheer.

All of a sudden, an insane joy I felt,
That roused my spirits like a gazelle,
I felt love and warmth growing deep inside me, 
A baby had healed me.
Her touch made me zestful, vibrant and gaiety,
And my Life once lost was back again.

.     .     .