Every situation plays as the reflection of the Mirror
If they accepted  the situation it starts to render on their mind
According to that, an impact of the Reflection is blindly leading their days temporally
Later a few days ago
People  get to know about the Changes that happened in their life after they lose or gain their an own days
As per their assumption, people started
To start to react to their situation
Let's start with the people allowed to dismiss from
They're their own decision
Do not react to how the people show their reflection  on you
You are the copywriter of your life
Endure strong before accepting the situation
Do not let allow someone's mind to drive your days
The mirror always shows the reflection of what you are showing on it
It reflects you back
Same as the people who reacted soon
They reflected you back as soon as possible always reality stands in every success
Capture the situation but do not react immediately on your present days

.    .    .