My first idea of justice is when other's idea of justice matches mine for their justice to my idea.

When the wages earned complement the rising inflation, when the dreams of the youths are all fed and done, when the young sailors are allowed to sail, when the early devotee finds their place in God, when the singers of the golden field sings in harmony, it is the fair of all fairness. 

I shall call it a justice for the mother when her child falls asleep when she sings him a lullaby. The society is one and one as a whole cannot share the same way of life and the irony of globalization, its rich theories cannot feed the poor and the poor cannot be globalized in a rich hypothesis where global TVs and jet planes exist.

Justice is served when someone misses a bus or a train for the person departed late, but it is not fair for the bus or the train to leave early. The golden value of time is justice in its form where everything is progressing and growing; the politics of the wrong or every sidetracked agenda is disclosed with the passage of the time.

There might be a carpenter who crafts and gets paid the next day, there might be a tailor with a price where the middle classes are willing to pay for, there might be a gold miner but no gold at home, justice is in debt. When the carpenter furnishes for herself and when the tailor gets to wear his very own creation or when the miner goes home with the gold she mined, the justice is no longer in debt.

When the human race clutches the sacredness of religion in their grip, it is the corruption of its sanctity and for that the cruelty of war did justice for their selfishness. The pretentious mouth who claims he speaks God guides the impressionable seeker and justice was thrust upon by taking the misguided path.

It is not justice which is found in the heart of capitalism where communities' ethnic cultures and traditions are being murdered and cloned for the profit to be sold, where the names were borrowed and stolen but never returned or requited again. The stolen names are the stolen cultures and the borrowed profits are the forgotten price where decades of traditions are drowned in between the blood sucking conglomerates and the idea of modern development. The existence of an independent nation and its laudable democracy is replaced with 'modern imperialism' where Western ideas are mounting with great acceptance and its imposition are of great demand, even the wind which blows from the West is favored over the wind of the native states. Should we call it the 'justice of industry' when the autochthonous industries rise against the huge firms?

The education which leans towards a biased principle and opens towards a single opinion is only manufacturing graduates which belong to the two sides of the same coin where the aftermath resembles the production of giant corporations with the same label and ingredients. It is wrong to call the outcome justifiable with the mere acquisition of homogenous method of education because the growing youths are destined to be progressive with an institution that embraces their ways of thought and when the achievements are not measured on a yardstick.

Wealth is fair and just to the indigent class, but it is a curse when used against them. The 'free press' should restore the ideal of healthy democracy and the term 'paid-media' should no longer be use in any context.

My idea of justice is not the constricted roles which were expected to be followed by both the sexes for the pleasure of the society but to break the chain not that they have to or as a 'rebel' in debasing the stigma but because they have a desire to do so.

It should be the selective pursuit of the noble mind to be a selective parasite for the knowledge they wish to pursue and limited application of their ideas for the welfare of the human race should be the foundation for every form of justice to prevail.

It is justice when culture shock is not entailed by racism but by cultural relativism or when the weightage of consideration is more inclined towards social problem rather than social evil since the former is the symptom of the latter and the improvement achieved in social problem shall be the avoidance of social evil. Justice in its scale must have no barriers, it should be absolute and sheer in its connotation, there should be no partial justice as the term 'partial' fundamentally indicates fragments and there are no fragments of justice but only complete justice.

If colonization never occurred in the first place, some cultures would still be alive today and some communities would still retain its identity. The world which operates within the dominant ideologies of the dominant international powers is the world which owes an obsolete justice to the masses of the people.

Justice shall be the day when the state of being a developed nation is not identified at the disposal of foreign hallmarks but the recognition of hallmarks of inherent output that was vital to be preserved. What is the idea of being a 'Third World' country? Or is it just another name of 'segregation'? Do we desire to be identified as a citizen of the 'third world' country? Can we label a person as 'dejected' when he is truly happy? Do every progress and every fallback come with a label?

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