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In today's competitive work and negative environment, it is very difficult to stay focused, motivated, and productive. As an individual, You have a lot of pressure in business or job, family burden, health problems, etc which led to difficulty in increasing your overall productivity. There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is critical. There are two ways to increase your output--either put in more hours or work smarter. Being more productive requires being more deliberate about how you manage your time. what happens when you can't find your production techniques? You need to be productive—but how? Productivity has a direct relation to your brain and overall health.

First of all, we will know how we are unproductive. Productivity has a direct relation to your brain and overall health. If your health and diet are poor, then it automatically decreases your stamina and productivity rate in every area of work. Today I am mentioning universal points that led to decreased productivity for every individual whether you are in a job/ business, student, or social worker.

These are some points that make you less productive or unproductive-

1.Negative Environment:

You often suffer negative actions or speeches from your society, relatives, and friends when you fail in your work. This makes your confidence lose and you may stop moving towards your goal.

2.Comfort zone:

You do not want to lose your comfort zone of life and hence this is the biggest reason for unproductivity.

3.Passionate work:

If you are doing work which is out of your interest and passion. It always keeps you unproductive.

4.Focus in the wrong direction:

Sometimes people do work with full confidence and motivation but not in the right direction. Hence, they can’t achieve success like they want which makes them less productive.

5.Health and Diet:

The biggest reason for unproductivity is your bad daily routine and diet. People follow unhealthy diets and less sleep creates an impact on your mental and physical health which makes you lazy and low productivity. It will create you lazy and uncomfortable in focus.

6.Wasting time:

Wasting your time on social media and excessive hangouts with friends led to a decrease in your productivity potential. It will distract you from your goal and planning.

7.No daily planning:

Lack of daily routine and performing unnecessary tasks every day makes you indisciplined in the work area which led to a decrease in your overall productivity potential.

8.No Workout and Mediation:

Not doing workouts and meditation makes your daily life unhealthy. It can create stress, and anxiety and feel unmotivated in achieving your target goal.

Now, these will walk you through 13 simple universal, and effective techniques for increasing your productivity in your domain areas-

  1. Come out from your comfort zone- Always move to keep the focus on your goal to achieve it. Keep moving whether slowly or fastly. You don’t have to stop.
  2. Do something around your passion- Do something in which you are interested. Something that makes you feel happy and fun to do. Something which you are always excited about.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded people- Positive things always keep you positive. Surround yourself with good friends and persons that support and encourage you and motivate you to do better.
  4. Focus on a single task at a time- When you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once, you end up doing many things halfway. By focusing on one task at a time, you can give it your productivity and get it done more quickly and effectively.
  5. Write down your daily goals- It’s not always easy to keep track of everything you need to do, so start each morning by writing down your goals for the day.
  6. Spend your time on Leaning and Reading- Don’t spend a lot of time on social media. Listen to good YouTube videos and read educational books like biographies, and novels which help you increase your outcome.
  7. Do Workout, Meditation, and Yoga- Workout, Meditation, and Yoga make you physically and mentally strong as it makes your body relax and comfortable and gives you the power to learn positive things easily.
  8. Healthy diet- Maintaining a balanced healthy diet in your daily routine helps you in keeping mental and physical health.
  9. Proper sleep - Getting proper sleep 8 hours a day helps you in increasing happy hormones in your body so that you perform high productivity in your work area and helps in reducing stress and depression.
  10. Silent your Brain- You have to silence your brain for at least an hour daily. Silent brain means to keep your body at rest and relax, keep mobiles, books, and all mind thinking and pressure, objects far for an hour, and just thoughts about your goal and future. It makes your brain healthy, and you will get the power to increase your products easily.
  11. Manage your Time- Manage your each and every minute in proper work schedule and tasks, set reminders, stop unnecessary meetings, and mute your notifications at work time.
  12.  Keep yourself far from Distraction - Keep far from something that distracts from your goal and daily tasks like excessive use of social media, more hangouts, etc.
  13. Focus on your bigger tasks first- Focusing on your bigger tasks and most time-consuming tasks before any other assignments can help you stay more focused than working on smaller and shorter tasks first.

These are some universal techniques which help you in increasing productivity in your work fields whether you are in Business/job, Social work, Student or Sports person. These are effective for everyone now it depends on you that you can prefer most of the following and apply in your work area and on a daily basis.

Example- If you are a student and want to increase your productivity as a beginner in a study area then sort out 3 or 4 points mentioned above and apply them in your daily life for 45 days after that keep increasing above mentioned points.

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