What is Drug?

A drug is a chemical substance that affects a human's physical and mental state.

What are the common drugs in society?

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuanah
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Sedatives.
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What are the causes of drug addiction?

  • Pressures from the parents during childhood.
  • Get to know about drugs at a very young age.
  • Lack of parental guidance.
  • The influence of negative people and friends.
  • Physical abuse
  • Stress and pressure.
  • To forget pain and failures.
  • To escape from reality and self-pleasure.

Why doesn’t Government ban Drugs?

I must say the Government plays hide and seek games with the people. Because if they think they can ban the production of drugs. But they are just shouting “SAY NO TO DRUGS” and they say yes to their production. Nearly a quarter of the revenue amount comes from the government from the liquor shops. The government earns crores and drug addiction has already gone to the core.

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Drugs in Literature

In the beginning, I am fond of Hemmingway’s novels and Keat’s poems. But when I read their biography, I shock to learn that they are drug addicts. Not only Keats and Hemmingway but also some other writers whom I loved most are also drug addicts. Sometimes I think they lived a very short span of life but their writings exist century after century. Though they are great writers and poets in English Literature they have the black mark of a drug in their biography.

Drugs and Great Writers:

The following writers and poets are a few examples of drug addiction.

S.NoWriters and Poets
1John Keats
2Samuel Taylor 
3Elizabeth Barrett 
4Jean Cocteau 
5Ayn Rand
6George Corline 
marijuana, and
7Robert Louis 
8Earnest Hemingway
9F. Scott Fitzgerald
10O Henry 

Why do writers, poets, and artists consume drugs?

The First cause for consuming drugs is to escape from reality, to escape from the stress and pains of their life. The studies state that writers, poets, and artists consume drugs to ignite their creativity.

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Drugs in Films

Films are produced to entertain people in the beginning days. But nowadays it becomes an industry and a profession for people. Films easily influence people but the hard part is people don’t understand whatever they watch onscreen is not real. I think why people celebrate the actors who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Even in some movies, they consume drugs. But before the title card, they put “Smoking and alcohol consumption is injurious to health”. Later I read an article that states that they use fake drugs for film shooting. They use food colours with water, grape juice, pomegranate juice, and black current juice instead of alcohol. They use ice tea as an alternative to beer. The actors use Nicotine Tobacco free herbal Cigarettes for smoking. But people are addicted to real drugs by watching movies and loss their life especially, teenagers.

Drugs in Life – My personal Witness:

I don’t use drugs and I’m not a drug addict. Here I am sharing my personal experience with a drug addict. In 2018 I pursued my M. Phil in English Literature. At the time I stayed in a private hostel near my college. I shared my room with an undergraduate girl. Every day morning and night I could find the cigarette smell. When I opened the door, I couldn't find anyone. It is a women's hostel; gens aren't allowed inside. Our room is the last room on that floor. Near our room, there is a window. There is a car parking near our hostel. I can look the car parking through the window. Whenever I felt the cigarette smell I looked through the window or else I walked on our veranda to find out who is the silent smoker. I suspected the workers in the hostel or it would be some boys who smoke near the wall. But, to my surprise, no one was there. One day I came to my room late. I found some cigarette bits on my roommate's table. I found out the smell came from our restroom. She came out with the half-burning cigarette and along with her the smoke also came. I coughed for a few minutes and went out of the room. I realized that the silent smoker was not a man, it was a girl, my roommate.

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She told me that she started to smoke when she faced her first love failure in higher secondary. When she started to smoke, she used it quite often. But during her first year, she fell in love with another boy he who made it a habit. When she broke up with the boy, she became a chain smoker. When I listened to her, I was unable to react or reply to her. I didn’t know whether to get angry with her or took pity on her. When I asked about her parents, she told me that her mom was a teacher in a government school and her dad was a bank manager. She is the only daughter of her family. She also stated that her parents didn’t know about her love and smoking habits. I assured her that I would not reveal it to anyone. But I asked her not to smoke cigarettes daily. It would not affect her but also the people who were around her. And I asked her to think what if her parents came to know about her? I asked her to share her grief with me or else maintain a diary. If she felt to smoke, I asked her to eat chocolates, ice-creams, or her favourite foods. I promised to stay with her in the same room and helped her to overcome it. She also agreed with me. Few days she spoke with me, spent time with her friends, and concentrate on her studies. She didn’t quit the cigarettes completely but she tried to reduce them. One day I found her with another boy. On that day evening she said that she was her beloved. Again, over time, they fought each other and cigarettes entered again. I realized it was not easy for me to bring back her. And she was not a kid to realize what is right and what is wrong. It is her life and her decision. I had done whatever I could. And I asked her to take care of herself and her family and left the room. I shifted to some other room

Here the youngsters don’t know the difference between infatuation and love. If the boy loves her, he should help her to overcome from the addiction. And it is all because of a lack of parental guidance. Her mother takes care of other’s children but she fails to take care of her daughter. The girl not only betrays her parents but also herself.

Can’t we create a drug-free society?

Why not? We can. But it will take some time. We need the complete support of the people and the government. There are several mechanisms to stop drug dealings online and offline, even for drug production. There are many NGOs and organizations that help drug addicts to get out of the dark world. We have to stand together to create a drug-free society for our future generation.

Say Goodbye to Drugs.

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