Image by CristiYor from Pixabay 

They say eyes are the windows to one’s soul. But does it really reflect upon one’s demeanor, the wrecking emotions they hide themself into a ball bubbling to explode and showcase its chaos to the world, which repress its nature. May be these windows are tarnished I guess they can show who you are but we mask up our hideous side, so even those glasses fail to express the uproots of our tangled thoughts of our brain. We show the world only what they are capable of seeing cause human emotions can’t unravel all the darkness lurking inside a human thought. Its thrilling to know the same gleam emanating from our soul, raises the liberation to nullify its identification. Our eyes sparkle in joy, widen in amusement darken in fear, shrinks in disgust, engulfs people in chaos. But we all fail to find the weeping crushed soul behind the eyelids clawing’s its surrounding to fight itself to show itself to the world. It is chained and terrorized, imprisoned inside, covered from the sunshine of the world. We don’t let the soul show the daylight, share its pain for empathy because we are not begging for pity, we command only attention in the world. To be the perfect untouchable chaos who got all their demons in control, we feed in confidence and break only in silence away from the preying eyes. We don’t release the weeping soul Not because it is going to poison the glittering glowing sky and blossoms of the fresh grasses. But this little weeping soul is going to break more knowing there is no one to wipe its tears and stitch up her broken dreams when released. It will find out the world hidden form its freedom is not the paradise her master lives but a circus where people cosplay as the pretty pieces of a board game playing someone’s games. It is going to shatter running to the masked saviors who is just going to ignore its peeling faces. All the lightning glow turns out to be the beam which burns you alive each and every second you spend your time with them. We all are cowards masking each other with sprinkles of golden dust which are just sand which is in delusion as a glitter. We all suffer in agony, tormented by our fear, afflicted by the invisible suffocation which chokes with air in our breath. Every smile carries a mile a broken tears down its legs. All the souls are tired of screaming against glasses begging anyone to set them free. Their voices turn hoarse, eyes bloodshot swelled in despair, so they stopped doesn’t mean the hurting seized. So, they just suppressed showing their fragility they withdraw the power people had to break their spirit. They realized that dead sharks haunt them to suck their trepidation as their diadem of terror. So, we concealed ourselves. Each of us put on a mask filled with happiness, light blinding smile and joy. Locked the weeping soul in her mind it only peeps when all the eyes are away when moon shines, she weeps, unleash its tears to mourn for her mask, behind the eyes. It says, look deep you may find me but the prison wall is too pretty for anyone to look past it and no one ever did.

.    .    .