imagine what seven billion people can accomplish if we all have the spirit to think freely and to strive for what we want to accomplish. Not a task in this world can be done without thinking freely and thinking freely leads to free thoughts with the help of which one can surely change the ugly and conservative side of our fellow human beings and make them more gentle towards the humanitarian side of life. Therefore without any further ado let us further read together to know more about the power of free thoughts.

Psychological meaning of free thoughts:

To bring out the essence of the article it is totally necessary and indispensable for us to know about the psychological meaning of 'what it is meant to have free thoughts' . Every person has the caliber of thinking a certain thing in his own ways and shaping ideas. If the person has the freedom to think and express his feelings about a particular thing he is said to have free thoughts. We can think freely about any topic around the world whether it be about religion, politics. relations and what not. The concept of free thoughts is that one should not forcefully accept a belief but instead try to shape his own ideas about it and reach the idea by methods of logic, reason, emotion and his observation. Any person who is able to have a different yet logical opinion rather than a group of people having the same opinion as a free thinker and also many leaders around the world consider freedom of speech as an undenied right of every human being.

Misunderstanding the idea of free thoughts:

Now that we all  know about the meaning of "what it is meant to have free thoughts" it is equally important and mandatory for us to clear the idea of what we mean when we say that we need to express our free thoughts. Let me remind you that a single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it makes us forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a moment. Similarly a small spark of pessimistic free thought can destroy all the optimistic free thoughts that come to your mind. While I am inspiring people to have free thoughts in their mind I am concurrently not inspiring people to seek violence or do some bad habits in order to have free thoughts. It is of no use if it does not contribute to the making of this great noble nation. We all need to encourage only those free good thoughts which can bring out good consequences on this society and make this world a better place to live in.

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How free thoughts can help save humanity:

This subtitle may seem to be very bizarre and uncommon but if we look on our views and try to look very deep into them we may find this subtitle not very far from our theme. When we are able to think freely we are able to think about how different people are from each other and how we should respect the differences but usually due to some beliefs in the society we often criticize these people who believe themselves to be different from others. For example, we often bully people who belong from the LGBTQ community because of our narrow thinking and indirectly we take them one step closer to suicidal attempts and an unhappy life but if we try to look on the bright side and we start to think freely we begin to empathize with them and encourage them to love themselves just the way they are. In this way we can make this world a better place to live for every creature on this beautiful earth. In many other ways by embracing everything with the help of our free thoughts we can contribute a lot as someone has said, ' As one person we cannot change the world but we can surely change the world of one person'.

Free thoughts can lead to greatest inventions and achievements:

Sometimes opting a road generally less taken can lead us to beautiful destinations and during the other times it can help us to understand where we are wrong and help us to become a better person. When we are given the freedom of thinking freely ,Our mind and heart both involves and get around a conclusion where other people cannot and we get to know about a unique thing which we have never heard and read before. In this beautiful journey of our mind toiling here and there discovers a new unique and worthy appreciating thing. Even a small spark of optimistic free thought can lead to action and finally to a positive outcome. Every person in this life has to stand out among others and for this one requires the ability to think freely and the spirit to work harder till his goal is reached.

Making of a great noble nation:

As our title is about it is quite mandatory for us to discuss how free thoughts can lead to a noble nation. Freethinking represents an ability to think without bias , Debate without fear and speak without regret and when we are able to speak ferociously without any regret we can frame the character of other person as well and if our opinion is worthy discussing it may bring wonders in decision making of our country and as our country follows the ideals of democracy every person opinion can contribute towards the making of a great noble nation. The day is not far when we will speak proudly about how free thoughts have helped us to make our nation a better place.

Impact of free thoughts on our fellow beings:

 If our ability to express our speech is quite well we can change the character of our fellow beings also. We can form a long chain of people spreading inspirations, Love and humanity to each other and also to other people and if the other people also get impacted from us they can spread the same message to yet another group of people and so on. One cannot imagine the good consequences of that on our society. All age group people will learn to love themselves, Embrace themselves just by widening their range of thinking and among all of this to make these things happen we should think freely and inspire others to think freely which will produce plenty of free thoughts and along with them a bunch of hidden happiness. I know this may seem like a task of herding cats but believe me nothing is impossible if we are determined to achieve our goals at least it is worth giving a try my dear friends.

How to indulge ourselves in free thinking:

The more important topic to discuss along with the power of free thoughts is how we can Indulge ourselves in free thinking and create free thoughts as it is of no use if our words do not come into actions. Here are some pinpoints below to help all our readers with some ways on how to indulge in freethinking:

  1.  Widen your range of thinking. There is much more beyond it. The sky is our limit.
  2. Stop overthinking. Overthinking is like an antagonist for our free thinking. It always represents our emotions and ideas and we are not able to ideate.
  3.  If Anxiety traps your mind, Try meditating. Meditation makes us tune to nature and nature is the biggest healer of all times.
  4. Share your thoughts firstly with your loved ones because your loved ones  will always think good for us and will correct us where we are wrong and will always embrace us.
  5. Research effectively to increase your knowledge about your subject and hence take your step further in accordance.
  6. Always feel confident while delivering your thoughts your good speech giving ability is your most powerful and effective weapon.
  7.  Most importantly , Don't forget to share your thoughts with the world. There is a high chance that people will judge you and your opinion but remember if your view has the caliber to change this world, Forget all the judgments and keep going there is no way back.

You are the best and you will be the best.

Good luck and wishes to all the readers out there!

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