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Sports are a very important source of entertainment. Today people are more into watching live sports games because people always feel that sports provide a wholesome entertainment & everything is real people are crazy about sports because they feel that watching a sports game is always a good option rather than to watch a movie or a television serial wherein there is only fights & crying taking place whereas in sports there is nothing like that.

There are various sports which are played in countries like India, and they are:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Kabaddi

And so on & so forth. Sports actually help an individual to be physically fit & strong, there are so many sports games wherein India has represented itself at the international level like cricket, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, javelin throw, etc. In India, there are many sports lovers & so there is a craze among the Indian audiences to follow sports rather than other means of entertainment. Many times people are having knowledge that is the basic knowledge, rules & regulations of a particular game many are having in-depth knowledge of those sports games in which they are interested or the sports which they are watching or watching those sports games which they love the most they are not only having knowledge about a particular sport but also likes to play on a regular basis or occasionally whenever they are free some people are such that they don’t like sports at all so they don’t even like to be around people who are talking about sports. People are such that they form a group & they always discuss & talk about sports because they are the diehard fan of sports. When we talk about sports & cricket is not discussed can't believe it that cricket is not discussed & watched by the Indian audiences whenever the individual is free from their busy schedule they would watch the sports channel & watch live matches, especially the cricket match if not the entire match than half the match or towards the end at least they will have one glance at their television sets. In a country like India cricket is the most loved & watched game has been watched in each & every house & each & every individual also knows all the rules & regulations as to how to play cricket because even the cricket fans are not only cricket fans but also a player.

Sports include everything all outdoor games are a part of cricket people love playing sports irrespective of any age, physical fitness interests, gender sports is very helpful for individual so that the boredom & fatigue ness is removed from the body remains fit & active all the time because of continuous physical activity. Sports actually demand a lot of physical fitness & physical strength so a person has to be physically strong enough to pursue sports. The beginning of sports activities starts from the building playground wherein the young boys & girls play in the building compound for the sake of fun & enjoyment later on these building children can join as a member in clubs or associations or they can go to playgrounds wherein they can learn & practice various sports games like lawn tennis, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball,  etc.

Before they start getting membership of clubs & various associations for themselves it's very important that the children start practicing regularly on open grounds where they just have to play & nobody can stop them in playing in grounds which are constructed by governments for the general public to play many a time it happens that when children see others playing cricket & other games even they start liking & would play with their peers so that they also don’t get bored & they are not left out alone from rest of the group.

Initially,  children play for the sake of spending their free time from their studies & to avoid themselves from getting bored sitting at home when the children have summer holidays. There are many schools almost all schools are organizing summer camp wherein the children of that school can join summer camp & learn different sports activities each & every year they can spend money on learning different sports where in the sports coach helps them as to how to play a particular sport. Childhood or young age is the best time to learn different sports games because whatever an individual learns in their childhood or at their young age they can never forget those things. These children can, later on, play with their friends & teach them how to play cricket or football or even some other sports because that’s what the summer camp is all about that when children learn a particular sports game they can teach their friends & other elders in their building. So those children who are already a trained sports person through their coach their style of playing will be always different compared to their friends because those who play well are trained in such a manner so they will perform better & better.

Sports is such an activity that requires practice on a daily basis, especially for those who are professional or those who want to pursue a career ahead in life in sports if they do not practice for a single day then it's quite possible that they will forget their game. Regular practice & performance is a must to achieve the title of champion. But we Indians we only love playing & watching cricket & many parents want their children to pursue their career in sports as a cricketer both for boys & girls. Indians are the craziest fans of cricket they will not leave a single moment for watching cricket the moment they get a chance they watch live matches on TV. Many people especially the youngsters spend thousands of rupees on purchasing cricket match tickets & watch cricket in the stadium & with the hope that they will be able to meet their favorite cricketer. Sports is such an activity for which a person has to develop a passion so that the passion can be converted into a career. For a sports person its very important that they are physically fit & diet-conscious they have to exercise their body on a regular basis & even on an everyday basis as well for a sports person its very important that they do not indulge themselves into drinking alcohol, smoking & heavy diet has to be avoided otherwise they cannot concentrate on their game. There are people who have been associated with sports may be during their school days or even college days as well many are or must have received laurels for themselves in sports & even for their school & colleges. Many people are good athletes or good sports people during their school & college time. Many of the youngsters are not able to make their career in sports even if they are interested & passionate about sports because of the health issues & doctors advise. So to fulfill the dream of becoming a sports star lots of hard work & sacrifice an individual has to go through at times an individual has to face a lot of rejection so later on, they can have their success stories to share with the world. An individual also needs to be patient and requires lots of patience to achieve his or her dreams of becoming a sports superstar. Today even girls are also pursuing cricket as their career & even the women's cricket team has also come up even girls are getting trained in cricket & they also represent India at international cricket. There are cricketers like Mohammad Azharuddin, Kapil Dev Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar who are the real heroes & legends of the cricket world. They are the real role model & perfect examples of true inspiration for generations to come. Rahul Dravid had a unique style of batting whenever he used to come for batting he had a style he would take a single run later on whenever there used to be a need of hitting four-six he would hit in such a manner the ball used to be out of stadium Rahul Dravid is nicknamed as the Mr.  Wall so he used to be like an unbroken wall so instead of getting bold or catch out he used to have a judgment & play accordingly he was a former captain of Indian cricket team & currently he begins a coach of the Indian Cricket Team. During his captainship he never let his fans down a player should play in a manner that he or she not only plays for himself but the entire country is watching him or her whenever Rahul Dravid used to come for batting it was just a treat to watch him & it was a pride moment for all his fans when India used to win the match under his captainship even when he was not a captain he is the one whose presence has made India win many series & tournaments because his style has been very unique. 

Several times he has been awarded man of the match & man of the series. We had & we still have a team of good cricketers upon whom the entire match is dependent as to how the player will play that does not mean that 1 or 2 players only has to contribute to winning the match the entire team has to support the captain & vice-captain & the other team players should follow the rules & guidance given by their captain. Earlier in India, there was a huge fan following of cricket to such an extent that whenever India was supposed to play with the opposite team every individual used to either take holiday from offices or half-day or leave early to watch India vs Pakistan or any other team India is playing in opposition with especially the final match of the world cup. The world cup final is very important for Indian people to watch because Indians are curious to know whether the team India is taking home the trophy or not so all Indians put their eyes towards their television sets that were the craze in the early 1990s & even today same level & the same amount of enthusiasm can be seen among the cricket lovers. Right from the beginning of the match till the winning team is announced Indian audiences go crazy they will clap whistle shout at every moment when a player hits four & sixes there are players who make the Guinness book of world records & in many matches some records are broken some are unbroken records till date. Some players are so talented that in less number of balls they score a century like 30 balls 100 runs. Sachin Tendulkar who is considered the god of cricket made his test debut in 1989 at the age of 16 opposite team England he had hit 6 sixes in 1 over whichever ball came he just hit out of the stadium & made it impossible for team England to make him out the team England started thinking how to take Sachin Tendulkar's wicket a 16-year-old boy was unstoppable nobody could take his wicket the England people gave him the title of a “Wonder Boy” because he started creating wonders in his debut cricket match. His first ODI debut was in the year 1992 when in India vs Pakistan match was held again the then 19-year-old boy the youngest player was again unstoppable during this time like England cricketers even Pakistan Cricketers were wondering who's this guy & he played exceptionally well from that time onwards he became a household name again the same question aroused in the minds of the cricketers of Pakistan the than bowler the senior-most & established Pakistan bowler Waqar Younis was in tension the tension appeared on his face as to how to take Sachin Tendulkar's wicket again Sachin Tendulkar won the hearts of the Indian cricket lovers & he made his place in the hearts of the crores of Indians that moment is still unforgettable by all the Indians who saw the entire match, especially the Sachin Tendulkars batting style again he was given the title “The Master Blaster of Cricket”. 

Every cricket in the past or at present has given different style of batting & bowling skills & who proved themselves to be the true patriot every player has his unique style of batting & bowling through which they can make their team win the whole match many a times audiences sitting at home in front of television feels that the match wont be won by India but the presence of some of the best batsmen changes the equation the game changes suddenly all of the sudden the audience starts believing that now we are going to win & when the match is won by India we the audience celebrate the victory of the success the entire credit goes to the team but the man of the match award goes to the player who saves the team from losing the match some players play in such a way unique way that he is the 1 person to come on pavellian & plays till the end because to make team win the entire responsibility comes upon 1 single player if there are no good players of his level are left there is always a partnership of runs between 2 legendary players or 2 players who are almost same or very strong players. A cricket match always begins with the first 2 players who will score maximum runs for the team at times the captain comes for batting either in 3, 4th or 5th position or sometimes even at 6th position who will go for batting at what position 1st 2nd 3rd or so on this decision is completely left on the captain of the team. The captain provides the opportunity to young & talented boys to come & do batting first later on when there are many runs needed to be scored than the captain of the team comes for batting on the ground some cricketers are game-changer because the hopes of the entire nation are with the player with the hope that his presence in the team will make India win such were the players & they are still there cricketers like Rahul Dravid Mohammad Azharuddin Sachin Tendulkar MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev & in the current team of young cricketer like Virat Kohli & Hardik Pandya there are the players whose presence has always made audiences & their teammates realize that nothing is impossible anything is possible so these cricketers have always been there to make our country India win many matches team India wants some shining examples in the current cricket team like in the past Indian cricket team really had a good team of players. Of course when it comes to making India victorious how can one forget the world cup of 1983 a pride moment for Indians because it was India's first of its achievement again under the captainship of Mr. Kapil Dev team India won the first world cup Kapil Dev being an all-rounder player took many wickets of the opposite team & made team India win its first world cup it took almost 28 years for India to achieve such a huge victory & success in 2011 after 28 years India again won its second world cup under the captainship of MS Dhoni at that time all the players greatly contributed towards making India win its 2nd world cup it was a moment of pride for all Indians & Indians were proud of our cricket team during both the times people showed their happiness by bursting firecrackers & celebrations all around the country the team members were looked at with great pride such was the charm which is still retained by our Indian cricketers.

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