Bollywood, the so-called tinsel town Bollywood is one which deals with entertainment glamour beauty fashion & so on. Bollywood is always & has always been a different world, a world full of dreams where in every year many boys & girls young & talented people enter the industry to persue their dream of becoming a big name in the B town. Many of them make it a big in the industry some of them just becomes struggler.  Every year,  more than 50 to 60 new actors are making their Bollywood debut in Hindi cinema, some of them are trained actors & some are not trained actors but they have been models & featured in some videos of the singers or theatre artist or even worked as an actor in Hindi television serials. Some actors do have family background from entertainment industry while some of them have no family members belonging to entertainment industry. 

Today,  Bollywood has reached at every corner of the world. People here, come with the dream of becoming a big superstar for name fame money & with talents some of them get selected while others have to face rejection some actors are chosen by the filmmakers like with any formal training but because of their good looks without any auditions or without they facing any camera before. Now a days,  there are lots of auditions being conducted for serials & movies as entertainment industry requires new faces on everyday basis,  where in young & talented boys & girls get an opportunity to perform in an audition & they can come into the eyes of many big producers & film makers.

Earlier in the 90s,  there were less auditions but film makers used to spot the talented boys & girls from some parties or while travelling & so on & so forth one such young & good looking girl was once spotted by a film maker at some video parlour. The girl was very young may be around 14 or 15, she was offered a film in Tollywood with the south superstar like very parent who would not allow their daughter to take a decision to do a movie which would affect her studies.  The film maker found something in her the - quality of becoming an actor. 

She was none other than actress Divya Bharti, her first role was in Telugu film which she did was with the superstar Venkatesh.  The movie was titled as Bobbli Raja. With that movie,  she was a superstar in south Industry with some more films. By the time 1990s began she was offered Bollywood movies as well. She was not permitted to do more than 1 film by her father before offers started flooding in. She was only interested in becoming a famous & successful actress of her time. She also resembled the late actress Sridevi & she used to replicate in most of her movies. Bobbli Raja became a successful film establishing her as a mainstream commercial actress in Tollywood. She did some more movies in south until she turned towards Bollywood.

It was in the year 1990 that producers noticed her in south Indian films & later on Bollywood producers & film makers started approaching her. Now in Bollywood, establishing ones self & keep continuing to maintain the number 1 position is not at all easy. She was supposed to star in 3 movies with 2 debutants & big film makers & big banner films, with noted film makers,  but some how the luck was not in her favour & she was removed from 3 Bollywood movies. These movies were Radha Ka Sangam with Govinda, Kirti Kumar was the director of the movie. (brother of actor Govinda), The next was Prem opposite new actor Sanjay Kapoor produced by Boney Kapoor & Saudagar Produced & Directed by Subhash Ghai. Despite of being removed or rejected from 3 movies she did not lost the hope. She kept going in the same year. 

In 1990, Rajiv Rai the director of Tridev movie was planning a sequel to Tridev where in he was finding 2 new actresses one of them was Divya Bharti. Again offers started flooding while Vishwatma movie was being shot. Vishwatma movie gave Divya Bharti her first major break in Bollywood. In the year 1992,  in the month of January,  the movie got released the song saat samundar paar made her an overnight star followed by this her 2 another movies got released back to back three consecutive Fridays. Dil Hi To Hai & Dil Ka Kya Kasoor released back to back three Fridays, none of the movies performed well at the box office but her performances were appreciated by the audiences as well as critics. Her major breakthrough came in the month of March 1992,  when Shola Aur Shabnam hit the theatres, by then she had set a bench mark for her self in the same year. She had Deewana which got released in which not only Divya Bharti got noticed, but also her co star & debutant Shahrukh Khan got noticed with Deewana. 

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By then there was no looking back for her in that same year.  She also starred in an ensemble star cast movie Dil Aashna Hai where in she had played a central role along with other established actors like Amrita Singh,  Jeetendra,  Mithun Chakraborty & so on,  again she proved herself that she has the talent in her & she was in par with other actresses of her time. She said in one of her interviews that she wanted to prove herself. She also said in that interview that she doesn’t want others position, she will her self establish to be the top most actress of her time, which she did in those days. There were not much auditions, the selection used to be either through the portfolio, through an advertisement,  published in newspaper or the actress used to be spotted somewhere by somebody .

She did it what she said, she was on her way to become a successful actress of her time. She was an actress who was always looked upon by many producers & directors. She used to be the first choice for every producer & director, whether big or small debutant or an established producer director. By the end of first half of the year 1992, she was already in the list of A grade actresses of the time & highest paid actress of the year by the end of 1992. She had made twice record which is an unbroken record till date in the history of Indian cinema. She is the only actress till now having a record of 3 releases back to back on 3 consecutive Fridays & an unbroken record of 10 bollywood releases in the year, which an established actress could never hold such a record. By the time year 1993 began, she had already signed more than 10 films. 

She was supposed to star in more than 10 films or even 12, 13 or 15. Also, she would have completed in the year 1993 a much more biggest record followed by the Hindi movies she did in the year1992. But as it is said that destiny has its own role to play, what ever is going to happen in our life we think that our destiny plays an important role in whatever good or bad happens in our life. We always blame our destiny or we leave it up on our destiny. On 5th April 1993,  a major shocking news came from entertainment world about the death of beautiful actress Divya Bharti. On 5th April 1993, Divya Bharti fell from the balcony of her fifth floor apartment at around 11:30 pm.  There were several speculations about her death. The reason for her death was shocking for the industry people as well as her fans & general public as well. 

The reason for her death was an accidental fall from the 5th floor apartment. She was found lying on the ground with pool of blood at the compound of her building. There were head injuries which caused bleeding & which led to the tragic death of the late actress. Police investigation was done & it was proved to be an accidental death. The death took place because of the fall from the 5th floor balcony of her apartment. Investigation went for some years, but neither the police nor the media could actually had any clue whether it was a murder, suicide or an accident. Hope her soul rest in peace. 

Her notable movies were,

  • Vishwatma
  • Shola Aur Shabnam
  • Deewana
  • Rang
  • Dil Aashna Hai

If she would have been alive she would have been a part of 15 movies or more which would have been unbroken which was supposed to star in more movies in 1993 compared to 1992. Even the year 1993 would have belonged to her if she wouldn’t have lost her life at an early age.  The year 1992 was a spectacular one for her & the year 1993 would have been all the more spectacular if she would have been there. If she would have been alive today, no other actress could have been there in her competition, nobody would have been in comparison to her.  Bollywood was in complete shock & mourn as it was a shocking news for the industry. She had completed most of the shooting of her film Laadla at the time of her death, police did investigation but at sometime police got helpless as to what was the real reason behind her death. 

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