Today the health is the most important factor which leads towards the overall personality of an individual. Health is determined by various factors such as the diet of an individual as well as the immunity of the individual the stronger the immunity it helps in the overall personality of individuals taking care of ones own health is very important. 

Whether the health of an individual is good or not everything depends upon the food the person eats so a healthy diet is very important for an individual many a times in fact always the immunity also plays a very important role in the overall health development of an individual. 

In corona times, its very important for an individual to have a good health so that the person's health do not get affected & for that the individual should have regular diet at regular intervals the person should exercise his or her body every individuals health depends upon their immunity some people they have a very strong immunity some people they have a weak immunity where as some people have very weak immunity so the health depends upon individual to individual and their immunity. 


To have a good health, it is very important for an individual to have proper food habits many a times people do not have proper food or foods that they consume affects their health & hence their health gets affected. So it is very much necessary that an individual should take care of their health so that their health does not get affected .The major reason for peoples health getting deteriorated is the wrong food habits people do not understand what to intake & what not to intake when it comes to their food habits. 

During corona times its very important that an individual takes of their health & do not take any risks regarding health because in this hard times of pandemic, its very important that an individual should take care of their health & avoid foods such as cold drinks, ice creams, etc.  They should maintain social distancing & should sanitize their hands at regular intervals. 


Youngsters have a strong immunity compared to the senior citizens assuming that these youngsters having strong immunity they consume cold foods like ice creams & cold drinks cold coffee ice tea etc. If a person wants to have a longer healthier & happy life than the individuals will have to have a good health & that can be possible only if an individual will stop eating junk food on daily basis & will have to stop the addiction to toxic substances like alcohol cigarette & tobacco chewing. 

Forever,  if people will stop practicing wrong food habits even corona will not affect them but than they will have to completely leave those habits this does not happen in one day but slowly slowly people can come out of wrong food habits &they can come out of the addiction of those toxic substances which are not only harmful for their health but for their life also. If a person wants to save themselves from getting infected from deadly diseases & if they want to save their families from getting ruined than they will have to give up all wrong habits & addictions.

There are people who are blessed by god with very healthy life because these people they used to always consume healthy food made with pure ghee & pure ingredients because they never ate any kind of junk food like the youngsters of current times so there immunity used always be stronger compared to the youngsters of 21st century they must have never visited doctors because for them visiting doctor was of no need at all but todays youngsters have frequent visits to doctors because of several health issues people of those days are fit and fine even at the age of 90 & 90+ because their immunity was strong of course with the growing age the person becomes weak & falls unwell because of their age. 

Medical Science today has become so advanced that they have found medicines for all major deadly diseases so that the people can save their lives & can come out of the dangers of deadly disease if they take or get proper medical treatment but corona virus is such for which their was no cure nor there was any treatment for the virus so people got very scared & people started taking a very good care of themselves because many people lost their lives after they were tested COVID positive so people started having home remedies so that they will not have to visit doctors because even doctors were helpless but again medical science & many doctors worked as a corona warrior & corona vaccine was invented after taking vaccine for corona the death rate or number of deaths has got reduced compared to 2020 so under such a situation no individual will take risk of their life with times we really hope that their would be medicine or vaccine available so that the people can move anywhere like a free bird .

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