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Health means the physical & mental well-being of people across the country. Every individual citizen must take care of their health irrespective of whatever circumstances may arise in their personal & professional life. Health always brings happiness to individuals. Health is also a factor that determines the personality of the individual. 

The overall personality of an individual depends upon the health of an individual so to have proper health the immunity of the individual is very important & the capacity of the body to resist disease & fight against the diseases. Health is the major factor which leads to physical stress on the body the capacity of a person is lost after a certain period because the body gets tired & because of which the person feels tired physically.

At times it happens that a person takes a toll on his or her body this happens due to the working of an individual beyond certain hours of work a person goes through all kinds of stress & strain because of the kind of workload they have in their offices & at workplaces. Over time working can cause physical health deterioration. The health gets affected because of overcapacity of working for longer hours of work. Along with physical health,  even the mental health of an individual is also very important. Mental stress leads an individual to unnecessary tensions, worries, anxieties, fights, etc. because of the work pressure the person gets tired both physically as well as mentally. There could be several reasons for a person’s health getting affected it could be because of lack of sleep, improper diet, lack of exercise like walking, yoga, gym & so on & so forth.

There are several reasons for even mental health to get affected it could be work pressure, horrible nightmares, problems of depression, loneliness & so on.

A human body needs proper rest, adequate diet, and regular exercise so that the person can keep themselves & their health physically & mentally strong.

As it is said that Health is Wealth how an individual uses the wealth which is earned through sheer hard work in the same way even health is very important many times we individuals are so engrossed in our work or we individual are so busy in our schedule that health remains behind the person does not have the time to exercise their body & several health issues crop up or they start becoming physically weak because of the overburden of work & continuous work pressure which every individual goes through because ultimately career is also very important but at the same time health is equally important.

Many times the individual has the habit of taking unnecessary stress & strain on their body which is not required still they will take lots of stress on their body,  especially the physical stress. Even after returning home from the workplace, they want to either roam around with their friends or they will do those peoples work who call them so even after returning home from work they still do not have peace of mind & they go to another person's house to help them because the other person needs their help.

Even the person who needs such people's help should at least understand that the person has just reached home let the person have at least a glass of water & let that person relax for some time & then that person can be asked for help. After returning back to home at least for 5 minutes the person should sit on a chair or sofa or wherever possible should just sit for a while & relax so that the body doesn’t pain.

When a person sits for a while & relaxes the person feels better & energetic after a tiring day at the workplace while traveling it is quite possible that a person should take a power nap because at workplace there is no time to sit & relax at the workplace a person has to work & only work no leisure time at least 15 to 30 minutes lunch break should be given at all the workplace so that the person not only relaxes but also can have their lunch peacefully.

Since health is wealth & we human beings do not waste wealth on unnecessary or wasteful expenditure same is the case with health also especially physical health also an individual should not waste their energy upon those people who do not value the person who spends lots of energy on somebody by helping them.

An individual should not waste their body energy unnecessarily in doing those things & that work which has got no meaning. An individual should not waste their energy unnecessarily by talking about anything which makes no sense un necessary body exercises should be avoided the exercise should be taken up in a manner that should not cause any physical harm to our body un necessary physical exercise should be avoided if is not necessary than the person should not exercise. But completely ignoring to exercise the body is also not good for an individual physically.

Physically every individual wants to grow strong because physical fitness determines the overall personality of an individual they exercise their body by going to the fitness center so that they can grow their body physically.

Many a time people always feel that with good physical health & with a good personality they can impress others but they are wrong many times people they just want to have good physical health because they are trying to impress others,  especially the males they grow physically so well that they want to look handsome they want that somebody should complement them by saying the handsome guy.

But they should not forget that besides being physically so good looking & handsome there is something called character formation an individual should be judged based on their character rather than how physically the person looks.

A person might be good-looking, and handsome because of the height, body, etc. but the character-wise the person may not be an appropriate person to talk with so what’s the use of having a good personality& looking handsome when a person is not good in terms of character. Here it can be said that even the mental health of an individual has to be given emphasis. It may happen that physically the person is alright & all perfect but at times & not always it may happen the person is not mentally very strong or the person has some mental problem or the person might be a patient of depression & that’s why the person is not liked by his or her character.

At times we come across people who might not be physically good looking but mentally they are very strong & their mind is powerful in doing all sorts of tasks but that doesn’t mean that strong physicians are not mentally strong they too are active in everything that they do. An individual has to be both physically & mentally strong physical & mental health is a combination of both determining the overall personality of an individual.

To have good physical & mental health is a grace of god if a person is strong in either way or in both ways it's completely up to the god we all human beings are the creators of the god the one & only god & nobody else creates human beings. Later on, as we grow it's completely upon individuals as to how the person grows.

Two years ago that is in March 2020 when the pandemic came in the entire world suffered a lot & many families lost their beloved ones the entire world had stopped nobody even thought that it would be so dangerous. The virus had spread across the world through air & lots & lots of massacres took place entire human life got devasted there was a complete loss of faith among all human beings amongst each other. Each & every individual was helpless human beings did not know how to help themselves they use to leave each other for dying. People started hating each other such as the horrible impact of the coronavirus. There was a complete loss of faith in humanity people started distancing themselves from one another thinking that the person is affected even we will be affected by the virus so people started following social distancing & the person who was affected by the virus was almost treated like an untouchable. Everywhere there were only talks about COVID 19 about the virus & nothing else mankind was in fear of another mankind everything had shut down & there was a complete lockdown for almost more than a year. In the beginning,  even the doctors were not aware of the virus since there was no medicine made & supplied to save many lives & many people. It was a horrifying moment in the history of human beings it was something that nobody could believe nobody could imagine that there would be a lockdown & lockdown would continue for more than a year. People were not allowed to move out of their houses during the initial phase of CORONA strict government guidelines were to be followed people were allowed but only the government employees & government servants were allowed to work & so they could move out of their houses.

The government took the decision of having a complete lockdown & requested the citizens to remain at home because the virus was deadly, it was affecting & had affected the entire humankind all the countries' governments decided to have a complete lockdown which was in the interest of public so that the health of the citizens do not get affected in the initial stage there was no medicine or any kind of vaccine available to reduce the death rates the health department, the government of all countries across the world & even the doctors were all helpless & they could not control the death rates since no vacancy was invented & the number of COVID cases increased day by day.

So it was a matter of concern for all the countries' governments the government of all the countries thought that something needs to be done to avoid the death rates the prevention of death rates was uncontrollable. Only necessary things needed for day-to-day life were available rest of the things were in complete lockdown. The government declared a complete lockdown which was a part to the health of the country’s population. The government decided to have a complete lockdown in the entire country because the government had to take some necessary steps so that the death rate would come down & wearing a mask which was compulsory which was again a government's decision. The government of every country took this decision so as to show that the government is concerned about the citizens of the country. So this was necessary by then the vaccine was not yet invented all the doctors & pharmaceutical companies worked day in & day out they worked so hard to develop the vaccine so that the country can be CORONA free. So all the doctors& their team members were known as corona warriors because the entire medical staff along with doctors likewise nurses, ward boys and each & every member of the medical unit stood by each other even though there was a threat & risk of losing their lives. Many of the staff from the medical department lost their lives just to save the life of corona patients without even thinking about their families, their children, parents & other family members they helped all the patients & they sacrificed their own lives. Nobody will ever be able to forget their contribution to making countries corona free. Of course along with doctors & their team even policemen while fulfilling their duty during an emergency pandemic even many policemen lost their lives many of them used to not reach home because these people were spending most of their time serving corona-affected patients.

Many policemen, doctors, ambulance drivers, ward boys, and nurses used to stay there only because for them their family & their lives were precious so they used not go home & stay with their family members because they also had fear because of one single person the entire family should not get affected so they had spent many days & nights in the hospital.

Many workers working on daily wages could not reach their villages because there was no transportation available to make them reach safely to their homes during such times god sent his messenger in the form of an actor Sonu Sood Sonu Sood can also be called a warrior when there was no transportation available since there was a complete these migrant workers wanted to reach their village he was the one who made arrangements for these workers so that they can reach their villages safely.

With the advent of coronavirus,  there is a loss of humanity the reason is that every individual every human being will naturally be first concerned about their health there are some of the frontline warriors who lit the lamp of humanity in their hearts & showed humanity towards people who got affected with virus these frontline warriors worked hard day in & day out & helped corona patients without even thinking about their lives about their families some of them even lost their lives while curing the patients. A big salute to all the frontline workers there is no words to describe these frontline workers. It shows that humanity still exists & will continue to exist it was the almighty god with god’s blessings many of them were cured & they are safe including the patients & the frontline warriors.

Since the research was going on & vaccine was supposed to be invented the virus was so harmful & deadly that the government had no other option but to declare a complete lockdown in the country. The government of all the countries had hoped  & believed that the war against corona will be won by us corona will lose & humanity will win over corona.

The reason was the government had insisted its citizens stay at home in complete lockdown because the air in the atmosphere was very polluted. Prime Minister of India had said Jaan hai to Jahan hai. Once the vaccine was developed first it was tested on animals once the researchers & doctors became successful by testing on animals they then started giving vaccines to human beings. Slowly slowly the entire world got vaccinated with two doses of vaccine after 84 days that is within 5 to 6 months two doses of vaccine were made compulsory by the government of all the countries. Many Pharmaceutical companies started developing & manufacturing vaccines some of them were COVISHEILD & COVACCINE after taking both doses people were allowed to move out of their houses only after getting fully vaccinated.

By Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying Jaan Hai to Jahan Hai he meant to say that life was more precious if there would be no life rest of things would not matter. Initially public started to panic because all of a sudden a lockdown was declared by all the country's governments later on once the people were fully vaccinated they thought that the government took the correct decision of complete lockdown which is a part of the public interest,  especially in terms of health which is a major factor of public interest which the government of all the countries looked forward to.

But after getting fully vaccinated the death rates went down & the number of cases of the corona has reduced drastically yes initially public was scared but after getting vaccinated now people can move around like free birds they can do whatever they want to do. Now the country is free from corona finally corona is out corona lost people won the government could achieve its goals only because of the support & cooperation from the public which the government needed & the government was demanding support & cooperation from its citizens because of the necessary steps taken by the government was for the welfare & benefit of the citizens. Citizens trusted the government of the country & because the support the government received from the public helped the entire country come out of the glitches of the corona.

Lastly, the message to be given to the general public please help & support the government when the country is in difficulty lastly again it would be said to hope the country & its citizens should never face such problems the days full of difficulty & hardships

Hail motherland Jai hind & a big salute to all of them who were working for the betterment of the country & its citizens.

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