Today the usage & importance of smart phones across the world is increasing with the invention of smart phones, today the world is becoming very small & the entire world comes just in a pocket. Today, learning how to use & operate a smart phone has become very very easy. Today, people have become very smart in learning & using different technologies, today the smartphones are a must, it has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. Earlier, when mobile phones were newly launched in the Indian markets, the cell phones were only meant for making or receiving phone calls & to send & receive messages that is SMS, but today, smart phones are available and people can purchase a smart phone which has all the features in it like Google, Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, YouTube & so on.

People are benefitted with the use of smart phone because now we can connect anyone across the world only with the latest smart phones. People can now take a photograph & even a selfie with their friends. They can even talk with one another staying far away from each other through Whatsapp calling or video calling facilities. Today, smart phones are used by almost each & every individual around 90% or more of the population is using smart phone because 1 smart phone covers all the features of television set & even computers. Earlier people used to prefer watching movies on television or theatres but today people can just watch movie on their smart phones by just downloading a good movie print they can also download the games & they can play games during the free time they can also download various apps so that they can make use of those apps.

Today using a smart phone is not a big deal since people know that all their work gets done with the help of a smart phone and they can get the benefit of all the facilities & a smart phone has all the facilities. When the smart phones were introduced in to the market, people were lacking the knowledge as to how to operate a smart phone & even the smart phones were costly so many of them were not able to afford to purchase a smart phone.

Only 40% to 50% of the population were able to afford to purchase a smart phone so people used to wonder how can a smartphone do all the work but slowly slowly as & when the demand for smart phone increased the cost of smart phones also came down and today smart phones are avilable at easy emi & in the budget of a common man. But the main problem in using a smart phone is that nobody likes to become social. Now a days people don’t like to have a get together & meet their friends & relatives face to face they will either talk over phone or they will send message or video calling or zoom or google meeting. But prolonged use of smart phones can affect our body in the long run overuse of smart phones leads to back pain, hand pain eyes also gets affected it can also lead to deafness because it might damage our ears & a person may loose the ability to hear or the person is not in a position to hear at all the person might become permanently deaf causing so many health related problems but unfortunately, many a times, people cannot avoid it because their entire work force is dependent upon smart phone. People are so engrossed in mobile phones that they do not even bother to look at the vehicles coming from the front side of the road and they are still busy doing something with their mobile phone. Even at home also, they are busy doing something or the other on mobile phone. Even children today has become techno savvy that they do not need to be taught anything when it comes to using smart phone. Parents of today’s generation are themselves not aware that using smart phone for couple of hours can affect their health, prolonged use of smart phones causes headache as well for both elders as well as kids.

Today with the help of smart phones, children are able to study so parents purchase smart phones for their children as well. Today purchasing a smart phone & that to a costly cell phone is very much necessary its like a long-term investment. It seems like there is no life without smart phones but there is a limit to everything once the person makes use of technology beyond the limits the person then starts suffering from various health issues and person is not able to put limit on himself or herself because continuously using smart phone is like an addiction.

And to come out of that habit, its very difficult, nobody can bring that person out from that kind of an addiction the person himself only has come out of that habit & addiction before the habit becomes an addiction. Nowadays, smart phones are becoming headache & even an addiction so the person should make minimum use of smart phone only when necessary, parents should allow their children to use the smart phone, only when absolutely required & only during on line classes. Otherwise, this generation is going to face serious health problems because of overuse of smart phones. Of course, smart phone is very important & knowledge of how to operate a smart phone is very important once the person is knowledgeable as to how to use the smart phone then the person should stop getting addicted to over usage or prolonged usage of smart phones.

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