Image by Artapixel from Pixabay 

Betrayal you'll receive and nothing more..
Emptiness you'll get and nothing more..
Warned the mind to the heart,
gently closing the Heart's Door..

No invader you'll ever trust!
No intruder you'll ever adore!
Cautioned the practical mind to the ludicrous heart
Merely this, and nothing More!

Innocent Heart trusted everyone
As though it had never been deceived Before..
Delicate Heart wanted to Trust once again
And this time, a little More!

Puerile Heart pleaded the mind
To open it's locked door!
Fatuous heart assured the mind that it won't be broken
Like a glass thrown on a wooden floor!!

'Infantile Heart! You're naive!' Screamed the mind
My Instructions-you shouldn't ignore!
You'll again cry after being broken!
If you trust anyone profoundly once more!

Obedient heart used to obey the mind
But didn't obey it anymore!
It again began to trust the intruder
Who entreated entrance at it's open door!

Lunatic Heart again began to love and trust..
Like No Heart Dared to do ever before!
The visitor betrayed that Innocent Trust of Crazy Heart and broke it
Like a glass thrown on a wooden floor!

Now wonder what this broken heart would do?
Will it be courageous enough to love and trust once more?
Or will it wail silently at dark?
On dark nights, will it downpour???

Frustrated mind queried the remorseful Heart
"Did you again trust? Tell me truly, I implore!"
Sobbing heart apologetically replied,
"Your Commands-I shouldn't ignore! "

"No visitor You'll ever Trust!"
"No feeling you'll ever Store!"
Scolded the mind to the silly Heart.
Quoth the heart-“Nevermore! "

.    .    .