Image by Pramod Tiwari from Pixabay 

The Indian army is the most precise thing in India, out of 220 countries in the world but our Indian army is best among the other armies because of so many reasons, out of one reason is the different regiment available in the Indian army, so first we start one by one:

  1. Madras Regiments - Active from: 1758
  2. The Brigade of the Guards - Active from: 1948
  3. Mechanised Infantry Regiments - Active from: 1979
  4. Rajputana Rifles - Active from: 1775
  5. Rajput Regiments - Active from: 1778
  6. Dogra  Regiments - Active from: 1877
  7. Sikh Regiments - Active from: 1846
  8. Sikh light infantry - Active from: 1944
  9. Parachute Regiments - Active from: 1945
  10. Punjab Regiments - Active from: 1757

In the Indian army, ready 1300000 soldiers are working in the entire India.

If you know the reality of these which is divided into the three main categories:

  1. Commission officers: Field Marshall, General ,lieutenant General,Major General,Brigadier,colonel,lieutenant colonel,Major ,caption,lieutenant.
  2. Jco ranks in Indian army: Subedar Major,subedar,naib subedar
  3. Other ranks in Indian army: masterhavildar,havildar,naik, Lance naik,sepoy.

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