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The mind is an element by which an individual feels, thinks and takes action. It is located in the brain. The mind uses the brain and the brain responds to it. it is of the strongest tool of our body and the person can think, feel, and want. Our success, failure, happiness, or unhappiness starts in our powerful minds. Everything depends on your mindset. “The reality is created by our thoughts”.

The power of our thoughts that creates our reality

This mind plays an important role in creating visualization and the law of attraction. Even our health starts in our minds. The kind of life we lived is completely dependent on our powerful minds. Through the beautiful imaginations of our minds, our thoughts can be created in reality.

The basic areas of our mind are- Conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Consciousness refers to our thoughts, actions, and awareness. The subconscious is termed as the reactions and actions. The Unconscious is the deep recesses of our past and memories. Among these, the subconscious mind is the most powerful one.

It is the attention, interest, and enthusiasm that make our minds more powerful. The power of the human brain is 23 watts which is enough to power a lightbulb.

These thoughts are received from the senses and body for the processing of information and sending messages back to the body.

How to use the power of thoughts?

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The manifestation, which truly attracts us towards our goals. It cannot happen overnight; it needs time and depends on our attention to practice it. Actions, situations, and objects that we visualize can be manifested in a natural way that will become our reality.

Manifestation can be used to change negative habits into positive habits. It can affect the way of life we live such as attracting money, building a business, improving health and relationships, changing circumstances, and everything. In easier words it can be said “If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t be able to”. By powering our minds and changing our thoughts, we can simply pay attention to the thoughts we think, reject negative thoughts, and allow thoughts that bring good, happy, and positive results. Working on your mind separates you from other people.

Thoughts that create our reality

We can control our lives when we know how to control this mental force and how to use it effectively. By focusing our attention and visualizing the life we want. It is said that “before working on your job, work on yourself first”. We get what we deserve in life and what we deserve depends on who we are. Our whole body is controlled by our mind, without it, we are absolutely nothing.

Affects of mind on our health

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There is a neural pathways connection between the brain and body in which neurotransmitters, hormones, and chemicals are present. The pathways transmit signals between the body-brain to control our everyday functions such as breathing, digestion, movement, thinking, and feeling. Our body is regulated by our mind. It is something that “governs the body”.

Our body responds to our ability to think, feel, and act. This is considered a “mind-body connection.” When we are stressed or upset, our body reacts physically such as by developing high blood pressure, stomach ulcer, chest pains, tachycardia, and other risk factors.

The body, having good health and positive thinking can improve cardiovascular health, inflammation and stress responses, and the immune system.

Merits and demerits of mental health

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Being mentally healthy allows us to enjoy our life and environment, be creative and try new things, learn from our mistakes, cope with problems, improved concentration, increased productivity, and better overall performance. On the other hand, mental illness can lead to unhappiness, family conflicts., social isolation, depression, anxiety, decreased enjoyment, and other mental problems.

Improve your mind and its thoughts

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A better life starts from our better minds and creative thinking. As we can control everything with our powerful minds. There are many ways by which we can improve our mindset such as by meditation, making powerful habits, exercising, eating healthy, practicing gratitude, positive self-talk, and living in the present moment. To improve our mindset, it is important to stay mentally active. If one is feeling anxious and depressed, they should consider a psychologist or their loved ones. We cannot change the bad situation, but we can change our minds and our thoughts to deal with that bad situation.

To achieve your goals navigate where you want to go, and prepare your mind, imagination, and actions in such a way as to get there. In life, we shouldn’t be focusing on imaging where we want to go but more on visualizing what it is going to take to get there.


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The mind is the most powerful weapon. Our choices are the reflection of our thoughts. It is only one thing that determines the kind of life you live. It’s all in your mind the sky is not the limit but your mind is and the only limit exists in your mind. Otherwise, you are limitless. “The beauty of life starts from our mind”. Live a better life.

The purpose of writing this article was to let people know that the mind, every emotion, action-reaction, success, failure, depression, attitude, and every day we live in is all under our control and we can make it better to live a better and more successful life.

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