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Astrology has been followed by kings and their associates from ancient times not only in India but also in other nations worldwide. But nowadays people most of the age group of "teens and youths" are so much attracted towards it.

Why Millennials and Astrology Share A Strong Bond?

for those of us who believe that forces greater than ourselves, guide our lives, astrology is one place that could provide answers, directions, and meaning.

  1. Offers reasonable explanations for bizarre events
  2. Helps gain deep insights within
  3. Helps with romantic relationships 
  4. A spiritual connection to a bigger universe 
 According to the American psychological association, millennials are among the most stressed youths. The generations that grew up online are now turning to ancient practices for help.

It's all about the memes!

Astrologers have jumped on the bandwagon, and they are using the occupation sciences and posts related to science to connect with clients all over the world. They offer information by using humor to attract them. What's better than memes to get Millenials interested, after all? 

Experience astrologers offer easy-to-do remedies for all of life's struggles carefully hidden under witty puns and trending posts, further adding to the popularity of their practice of fortune-telling.

AACN to survey 53 percent of youth of India suffering from moderate depression along with severe stress coping up situations 

Basically, it is simplified mathematics, they use as a language of symbols that describes those parts of human experience that we didn't necessarily have equations and explanations for.

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