Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

A chirping bird sang a soft melancholy to her ears, attempts to find the therapist went in vain,
The brook leading a flowy choir, orchestrating insects composed a soothing music for her pain.
Shades of green made up the carpets and curtains,
Unveiled to watch the sun fade out behind the mountains.
Pebbles slipped her feet into the stream as she followed a butterfly,
As the dusk engulfed the scene,in the dark sky stars started to multiply.
Pole star paved her way, pathfinder fireflies led her to the tent.
Snuggling tucked inside a sleeping bag, her soul started to vent.
As the night passed, she dozed off with tired eyes and tranquil mind,
The breaking dawn shimmered on her eyelids, she woke up to see her exhausted life unwind.

.    .    .