“O Parth, it does not befit you to yield to this unmanliness. Give up such petty weakness of heart and arise, O vanquisher of enemies.”

Chapter 2 Verse 3 of Bhagwat Geeta tells us about the power of optimism and overcoming all fear and negativities. Many times, the situation is not in our control, and we get disheartened by the circumstances and lose hope.

We should remember that we all face failures and fear, but success comes to those, who stand up again and fight.

Image by Pixabay

Oh, I was fed up with this life,
The chaos inside me was hitting me like a knife.
I had no one to share my pain,
It was hurting me like everything was in vain.

The fear of this failure gave me sulky emotions,
My heart was bleeding like an ocean.
How could I fail again after so hard trying?
How did my hard work got wiped out in this rain of vying?

People around me made me cry,
I got depressed and decided not to give it any other try,
Do you also feel the same sometimes?
If yes then, hear my story after I fail again in life.

When there was no one beside me,
I found my motivation inside me.
I wondered why I failed this time,
That failure was like a crime.

But then I got the blessing of my life,
God showed me the path of light.
He introduced the chapter on life lessons,
And saved me from this depression.

He taught me that it’s Ok to fail,
What is not Ok is to leave your faith.
It's time to break the chain of this failure,
By bringing persistence in your behavior.

Whenever you fall,
Get up and stand like a great wall.
No one can break your determination,
You will come out stronger in every situation.

Success is only possible through consistency,
So keep practicing for proficiency.
You will find many hopeless nights on this path of persistence,
But one day your endless hope will make you efficient.

If the crow would have got hopeless after throwing some pebbles in the pot,
He would have definitely died in that hot.
Though he was in misery,
Still, he quenched his thirst and got the victory.

If a stone can break with a continuous hit of small drops,
Then why will your continuous hard work ever drop?
So get up again and try once more
Stop only when you reach your victory door.

It’s not the end,
Trust yourself, my friend.
Separate yourself from the feeling of fear and despair,
You are neither coward nor pessimist, dear.

.    .    .