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Corona! Got scared, obviously you must have been scared because corona has become a fear for all of us that we are not able to forget it. The COVID-19 virus is transmitted disease which spreads by droplets of saliva and from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes,. The very first case of Corona virus found on 31st December, 2019 in wuhan, China and on 30th January, 2020 in kerala, India. And still the chain is going on and you won’t believe that 4,155,689 people died in the world due to Corona virus. The two disastrous waves of COVID-19 came and wiped out the lives of people and apparently, it is being presumed that very soon the third wave may come but we have to proof this wrong because it’s peak time. The second wave came just because of our carelessness and results were that we lost our loved ones but this time we’ll have to be very cautious and take some precautions to get rid of this Corona virus.

Healthy food is the best medicine


Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the most important reasons for poor health. Junk food has become a part of our routine, we can’t complete a meal of our day without it. We all are aware that too much consumption of food having a heavy amount of fat, sugar, oil, spices or condiments can make us unhealthy. So, if we want to be fit and stay away from Corona then avoid such kind of food items and have only fresh and nutritious food such as green vegetables, fruits, protein shakes, pulses, milk and healthy ones. Because these kind of food items make your immune system strong (so that your body can fight with viruses and bacteria) and your life healthier and longer. It doesn’t mean that remove the spicy taste permanently from your life, eat them with taking care of your health.

Do a handshake with yoga and exercise

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We are not unfamiliar with the countless and amazing benefits of yoga and exercise. Along with healthy food, yoga is also equally significant for a strong and fit body. Healthy food makes us physically strong and yoga mentally. It pours our soul and mind. As we know, number of people lost their lives due to shortness of breath because corona affects lungs also so to make lungs and respiratory system stronger, do asanas like 'bhastrika', 'anulom vilom', ‘kapal bhati' and there are so many yoga asanas and exercise for it. Have a morning walk daily, sleep good, inhale fresh morning air , these keep our body and mind fresh whole day. If you do a handshake with yoga then definitely it’ll hug you with its astounding benefits. 

Side up your travel kit for a corona-free gift (life)

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Before COVID-19, our life was so amazing, we used to travel new places with the curiosity to know about new things, delicious food and new places to see around the world but these excitements got lost in this pandemic but still people are not getting the situation seriously, they are enjoying by going outside and this kind of carelessness inviting corona to our life. People should understand the risk of travelling at this time. If we travel, we come into contact with number of persons that cause corona. Thus, say ‘NO' to travelling and say ‘HI' to stay home.

Love the nature, save the nature 


The whole world knows that India faced the problem related to shortage of oxygen in human body, thousands of people lost their life because they didn’t get proper amount of oxygen and the reason is deforestation. Yes, we have cut down thousands of trees and it is one of the reasons that we had to faced this problem. And it’s not enough, there are so many diseases that occurs due to the exploitation of natural resources and COVID-19 is one of them. In ancient times, people used to connect with the nature. They didn’t have any type of technology that could harm the environment thus, there were no disease or flu and they used to remain fit. Technological radiations are one of the reasons for over exploitation of natural resources. Nature is like our mother that always gives us but never wants anything in return but it’s our responsibility to preserve it and take care of it as a child before it’s too late. 

Last but not the least

Many of us are those who are not following COVID-19 guidelines made by the government but we have to follow them not for us but at least for our family. Maintain social distancing, while going outside put a three-layer mask on your face (wash that mask daily), after coming home have a bath and a warm steam of five minutes, drink lukewarm water, stay away from crowd. And if somebody in your family suffering from cold, cough or fever so that should use separate room and bathroom, have a light food, other family members should also take some precautions- use masks, hand gloves, sanitizers and stay away from that person and collect his used utensils, clothes and other stuff in a separate bucket. Subsequently, if fever becomes more serious then Corona test should be done of that person immediately.

Be Vaccinated, stay safe…..

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