Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Being believed, but unbelievable the presence of God's creation,
The presence in space is nothing except dark existence
Time runs and runs, decades passed; By the way the time makes wonder, a great divine of light
Unbelievable became believable God's creation started,
- Burning energy enlighted with the rapid force, create Solar family.
Who named Sun gives lights to his sons who are nine
Each one is special but third son named Earth more special
The time makes wonder sons being burnt become cool; By the way,
Unbelievable becomes believable God started giving Births.
- Birth of Oceans, Birth of Mountains,
Birth of 
Plants and Animals made.
Time runs and runs, decades passed; By the way Human entities were generated with God's presence
The space is filled with the Divine Spirit within human too
Unbelievable becomes believable the Solar scenario is wonderful
- Beginning is continued for years as pray to
Being blessed like sons of their son
All were free survived as all for all
Time runs and runs, decades passed; along with human busyness
Unbelievable becomes believable all for all becomes one for only one
- Birth of Evil spirits spreaded human became devote less
Time runs and runs, decades passed; causes human suffer
Wars made, Virus born: occurs Deaths - being believed
Everything is ended Evil Spirit brunt
Unbelievable becomes believable God's creation restarts.

.   .   .