Image by 5688709 from Pixabay 

Her smile could light up
all of new york after dark.
her words are like constellations
sweeping across the midnight sky.

Her eyes encapsulate a realm
of unsaid words and mysteries.
her entire personality tinged with
her childlike essence comes together
to form an artistic masterpiece -
my own personal mona lisa.

Her soul is entangled within the stars
and behind her shy exterior
lies a beautiful hidden universe.
but just like how the stars can't
see how bright they shine, or fathom
their impact on the world around them,
she is also unaware of her beauty and
her ability to awaken a goddamn supernova.

Oh what I'd do to strip her of
her insecurities and fears if I could.
but I can't, so instead, I'll help her
look at herself through my eyes
by making her my muse and
composing exquisite poems
about her irresistible pulchritude
and her angelic temperament.
and if she still can't love herself enough,
I'll love her for the both of us.

.    .    .