Muhammad Asif Ali is always in the discussion because of his poems because he has got a lot of support from the literature-loving public. he's the honorable founder of Youtreex Foundation and co-founder of Prizmweb Technologies and also the author of five books, but he remains a literature buff in one’s heart of hearts. He started a website called Youtreex for poets to own a web mehfil of sorts. “Youtreex could be a Word Literary platform for literary minds. Effortless getting reasonable and original content in one place. Youtreex has many verticals – Youtreex - Deep Writes and Youtreex Foundation Campus Ambassadors, and Youtreex Authors, where one can access the content of famous literature authors of yore. We need to make the younger posterity attentive to the value trove of Indian Urdu-Hindi literature and languages,” says Asif.

Muhammad Asif Ali (Founder of Youtreex Foundation)

Another enthralling perpendicular on the stage, Youtreex Foundation, helps readers reach exciting material about Indian Urdu-Hindi literature and authors. The Youtreex Group works hard for these materials submitted by its audience, and they come up with unknown, close, and trivia facts to make reading an entertaining thought. Youtreex Foundation Platform could be a vertical where we've got 9500+ authors, writers, and poets from world and Indian literature, and also the poetries are paid and free. We want to be an apparent library for our website's users with intelligible clicks. Youtreex has twenty crore-plus yearly webpage reach on this materials only,” he said.

Future Plan of Muhammad Asif Ali

90% plus poets, authors, and writers are from the Hindi-Urdu language to this spot. “The number of readers on the Platform is encouraging. We’ve 14% plus page views from India and 20% plus from the USA, which suggests Urdu literature encompasses a good reach in non-English-speaking countries. If we get help from sponsors, we are able to make it even large and superior,” he said, On International Mother Language Day, Youtreex is conducting Youtreex Foundation International and Indian Meetup, where the forum will assemble Urdu and Urdu literature lovers in one location. “The events are virtual and personal. Our target is to own a minimum of 200-250 people from different countries,” he said. 

Shayari Image of Muhammad Asif Ali (Source - Social Media)

Another plan within the offing includes making Youtreex Foundation the world's first quiet platform, which is able to give readers money for reading. “We try and make reading an ardent desire. There are some few readers avoid among the new generations. We choose to cost them for reading in a goal to revive that reading civilization,” he emphasizes.

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