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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words...
These are the beautiful words said by one of the most well-known and finest poets Robert Frost.

A poem is a beautiful weavement of words with a deep meaning portraying the values of life, wonders of the world, beauty of nature, colours of birds and shades of humans, also where rivers dance, air sings, trees clap, clouds speak, flowers fight and what not anything and anyone can do everything in the fantasy world of a poet. Poems are so fascinating that they take the readers into a world of peace and eternal beauty, away from the world yet near to life. But this engaging literary art form has become endangered and is at it's extinct stage. This statement is quite argumentive because leaving poetry aside if we take poets we can count many of them like "William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, Rabindranath Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Emily Bronte" and many and many of the poets who delivered such great works which even after their era are still alive and now where is this lively and eternal art form, where are the successors of the above mentioned great poets. Why is this modern, advanced, and so-called developed world failing to produce poets and their poems?? Did this art form expire with the ancient poets, is it not required for new poets to emerge?? How can we bring back the losing glory of this art form?? Yet, there is still time to save the endangering art form poetry by taking a few responsible artistic steps toward the above-raised questions.

Mindset is the key, for everyone who thinks poetry on a low scale please wake up let's educate ourselves, it's not just a few rhyming words added to make up a poem, it's the aura of human life, it's our culture, heritage, and pride. All the poets who enrolled their names as a poet was not just for fun or that they were free to write something pointless, but they encouraged and motivated people evoking their minds. So first step to enlighten the degrading poetry is to first read and understand them. Learn the ultimate meaning behind these works and then our minds get to know the true values of mankind. So please stop estimating yourself or the sacred poems on a low scale and start, taking a step towards poetry and encourage if anyone wants to proceed towards it. So the world wakes up takes a step towards poetry and tries to bring back the lost influence of old poetry with new thoughts not only just by writing poems but also by reading the written and encouraging new writers and such.

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