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Opinion is the key in every situation because we look at different people having different opinions on different things in life.

But there is a place that holds a special place in every person's heart who all visited it. This special place is the only place that brings a glowing smile to the faces of every person when heard the name without any other thoughts. All those mighty moments and naughty memories just flash in our minds in a single blow.

And yeah, that's the beautiful building in your thoughts really and your eyes virtually, which was once cussed for its infrastructure, ambiance, and such yet, the most missed and cherished place none other than 'SCHOOL'. Those boring uniforms, nonadjustable ties, different classes, multiple sections, one nasty friend, entertaining batches, strict teachers yet favorites, too many crushes, and a million memories. But, that's not about only these but also includes those heavy bags, rubbish assignments, scribbled classwork, disgusting exams, drowsy lectures, and the lazy wishes to the teachers which go as Goooooooooooooooooooddddd.........morrrningggg................. teacher...….(with the rhythm). But the debate here is about the responsibility which has to be taken by the elderly people who have already filled their bags with all those memories and fun to encourage every child who is not willing to or unable to study in a school not only for the memories but also the bright future from their brilliance. Every pure mind is a gem that should be polished to flourish and the polishing center is this school which is the first and foremost step in a person's life. It's a serious issue and shame to be considered because, in the name of development we are running to an unknown destination, and in this journey there are still children lacking educational facilities in the country and this should be called off not by waiting for government organizations or some other commercial institutions to take a step which might be very difficult for them but possible if that concentrate, so it's for everyone to take a move and motivate people to get into schools and get educated for the welfare of them and the prosperity of the country. All the ethics values, morals, and patriotic practices are introduced in school establishing the right path and track for the live train of a student. It might become the best turning point in a person's life as he gets introduced to life in every aspect without leaving any stone unturned. Everyone should get aware of the importance of education and schooling since it's the basic step to reach any height on the mountain of life. There might be different circumstances, there might be different obstacles and different lifestyles of different people but everyone is together in a school without any discrimination, everyone being treated equally making everyone feel comfortable with all the co people. In this discriminated world based on caste, creed, color, and birth, school is the only place in the world that unites every child making their fresh souls pure and rich without any cruel factors existing outside. These might be the very minute factors that are pretended to be negligible but these are the very crucial factors that make big differences in the world, the selfless nature and an open mind is the key to unlocking the result doors.

When we look into the lives of many, all have become so busy and materialistic probably where gadgets are more overwhelming than moments together in every family. It's not just important for those backward kids who aren't able to go to schools to be motivated to join schools but also for those who are fortunate enough to get into a school needed to be guided by their parents or guardians making time for their work, sitting with them and making them learn, correcting their mistakes and most importantly interacting with them and listening to all the activities and stuff they had done in school that day and such.

But as exclaimed earlier the gadgets are more interactive due to the lack of time for the parents to spend with their kids and interact with them creating memories and storing a few valuable memories for them to recollect when they get into their time of parenting. It's just that we should think of the silly or simple thing that when we turn back on our lives we had memories with humans when there was no to her artificial intelligence to interact with us and in the same way when these kids get in their time turn back to share any of their memories, it should be not only filled with the gadgets and things but the memories should have life in them they should have the feel of the living atmosphere in even in the flashback which cannot be provided by the gadgets though pretending to be fulfilling all our needs. So as a responsible citizen of India it's my humble request for everyone to make memories with kids and human-to-human interaction is the most precious key in building memories which may not matter now but counts a lot when thrown back.

Justifying all these statements I would argue that, schooling should be filled with a lot of fun and personal interaction enhancing the delicate minds with creative thoughts encouraging the innovations in them for the future welfare so that human interaction and smiles get carried away as a cycle without getting diminished in the near future i.e. teaching our kids to be social with in-person interaction and creating lively memories will let them to teach their next generations by engaging them to continue this chain and never let those nonlively things invade lives. So it's very important for people to get into schools making memories, learn living, create a path, and recognize the ultimate thing is that its all the memories which make up the life and not the ego, prestige, bank balance, or passwords which didn't even exist during schooling but became the most important parts of now.

It's not too late back your kids guide them, and let them live life filling their bags with loads of memories and not just gadgets and materialistic lives. Remember the words, "SCHOOL IS A TEMPLE, TEACHERS ARE THE GODS, PARENTS ARE THE PRIESTS AND STUDENTS ARE THE DEVOTEES", so be devoted to school and leave it full of satisfaction and prosperity. But concentrating only on the work pressurized by exams or homework it will be an educational prison ultimately rather than a beautiful museum and its in one's hands, so choose wisely...…..

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