Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

Life is like a rainbow. For the people who know or don't know, the legend William Shakespeare has written the poem "Seven stages of life". Like the rainbow has seven colors there are seven stages of life where every stage is a new level with a new experience. Let's consider the beautiful, youthful, cheerful, and sparkling yet responsible stage of our lives. Hint; it's between the journey from childhood to adulthood. It's the shortest period of life probably we all do miss this stage after passing it, but it's the most hurrying age which pushes us into the race of life. As a child, we all are loved, and cared for and get helped in all our stuff and grow with a fascinating glow and urge to become big to achieve something in life watching different kinds of people. And as an adult we just get back to the good old memories of childhood, dusting the pages of albums, dreaming of becoming a kid again, and entertaining everyone by doing all the mischief again. But the most under-rated or unrecognized age of a man's life where we go through a lot of stuff enjoying the pain and suffering the joy, and yes you are right, it's none other than "Adolescence". At the age where a growing kid still growing, he suddenly has to enhance his ideas by replacing the so-called childish thoughts with highly professional thoughts termed as mature ones and be trained or learn to act as an adult, taking up the responsibility of ourself and putting the burden of societal dilemmas on the shoulders and most importantly dealing the pressures from family to have a goal, get into a path which they feel is a right way for you and such. It probably feels like a small fish in an aquarium leading a happy life, getting food at time and chilling, thrown into a big sea at once and pressurized or forced to find food and shelter on its own while taking care of the community of big fishes and harm causing animals around.

Here the adolescent is the fish from the aquarium and societal impacts are the components which force us to mold our thoughts and behave accordingly.

Yes, true, there is a lot of stuff to deal with as an adolescent and things to undergo but there's really a bright side in life, it's nothing but our mentality of ours, because if the fish limits itself to an aquarium and gets adjusted, satisfying with where it's living and what it's having without any knowledge of the world. At some point in life, one fine evening we be sitting and thinking what am I in my life?? Nothing, just an aquarium fish who has never experienced any situation or something and just lived an artificial life bounded in a four walled and six-faced aquarium with a misconception that this is only life where there are all facilities like food, shelter, atmosphere and such. But think with a sound and open mind once you get into the societal sea or ocean you experience life, you get to know the reality of living, you interact with different fishes know your place in it, get aware of what's good and what's bad for you and inculcate the values, morals, ethics of human life extracting different qualities and mastering the art of learning the living.

So mates nothing deep in life just enjoy while you are at the surface and always be at the surface, cause we all are living on the surface itself, you walk on earth's surface not in air or dig a pit and dance even if you can swim on the surface layer of the pool but not deep inside where you can't even breathe. It's nothing difficult deal with life it's all about enjoying the way, just seek the pleasure of your birth, cheer the journey open your heart while you speak not your mouth, taste the beauty of life with your eyes and ignore the tongue. To be more straight life is all about learning something, something new every day and it does not have an ending for that learning, one can continuously keep gaining knowledge on whatever one sees daily and such.

Don't just lead a life as it is but experiment with everything analyzing the results, and molding yourselves and to do this adolescence is the age. Don't take it as a really tough or difficult phase as you're about to join the race and keep pace with ease, despite utilizing the opportunity to think and learn or experiment with life as here you are free to mold your mindset enjoying the process. Live as you like, keep the child in you active, do whatever you want yet always be righteous which here doesn't mean to be perfect always but to learn from the mistakes and educate yourself as an independent and inspiring aspirant to what you want to achieve in life. It's only a simple suggestion, my friends never lose hope, you always have scope don't limit your ideas never have boundaries for good deeds because "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself".

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