Image: Roberto Nickson / Pexels

Look Above,
And see how beautifully diverse is Nature,
How compelling and alluring are those blended colours,
How different yet important in their element,
How splendid and glorious in casting their colours.
The pink and purple hues combined,
The blue and dusky yellow granted calmness,
The horizon embedded with their charming illustrations,
The clouds absorb their mistful strokes.
The winds chiming according to their roles,
The bird's passings send peace and gratitude to their homes,

Image: Philippe Donn / Pexels

And these beautiful spectra of hues give hope beneath their own.
Look Beneath,
How intricate are these uneven soils aligned together to create land underneath your feet?
Providing sustenance to the residers of her to feed,
To plant love in the form of seed,
Which uprooted kindness in the form of blessings,
For everyone to keep.
Look Far Beyond,
In the realm of the ocean,
Scattered with different colours in different places,
With their definite purpose and numerous in variety,
Intermingling together to create balance in the order,
And providing water to quench the thirst of the resides,
Refreshing their downtrodden spirits,
And giving a push to work harder.
How beautiful is the plan of The Most Merciful,
He has created all this for us to cherish,
He created the earth with diversity in all shapes and forms,
He has given us examples in the form of nature and creation,
To understand and to ponder why is that so?
To acknowledge that whatever creation it is,
It has its purpose and flaw.
So stop subjecting yourself when it comes to humankind,

Image: Luis del Rio/ Pexels

When the earth is full of diversity then why can't it be applied to mankind,
Why do we become blinded and criticized,
Why don't we accept the difference in race, colour, and size?
If everyone had created themselves,
Then we would have been alike,
Drop-dead perfect,
Everything is on flex.
But look how The Almighty has created us,
How intricately He carved us and the earth.
How beautifully he moulded us,
Scattered with white and black,
Brown or tan,
Because The Almighty doesn't see your image and beauty,
But your innate kindness and pure intentions.
God loves those who love others.
So let's be mindful and respectful,
Because the world is full of struggle,
Each day a thorn,
Why don't we support each other and stay peaceful,

Image: Pixabay/ Pexels

And Let everyone follow their own choice of belief.
So let's be kind and generous,
And free the entangled and disturbed souls from the torture and gore,
And let them freely believe in what is their choice,
Because it's their right and we are no one to judge.

.    .    .