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The business world in the modern era is a cutthroat field where only those who can actually give their all can survive. The field where the money gleams and the fame shines on those who work harder and smarter than the others. Well, that's what every individual thinks as they do their business management yet, what they see during and after getting into any firm is enough to break their illusion. First of all, the jobs don't find you, you have to go find them and even if you go give a great interview, impress all the higher-ups and are one hundred percent sure that you'll get the job, that doesn't happen. Why? Because the boss or the general manager or the manager or any person sitting in the higher position has already placed one of his relative's son, or friend's son or any other referenced person on that position.

Nepotism in this age has become cancer to the society where the actual minds who can deal with the given work have to beg and bribe for their position and those who are not even qualified enough sit above them and judge them.

The real issue arises when these 'Creative Minds' start to relate that they are no longer needed in this country and they start flying off to other countries. And, this is what is called 'Brain Drain'. If we only consider the Brain Drain of India then thousands of the brightest minds have left the country and are making the other developed countries more powerful and increasing their economic profits. 

Studies have found that 23,000 Indian millionaires have left India since 2014 and that nearly 7,000 millionaires left in 2019 alone, costing the country billions in tax revenue. Since 2015, nearly 9 lakh Indians have given up their citizenship. After knowing all this is there any effect on the people though? No. They all are the believers of the same philosophy which is used by the politicians, "Apna kam banta bhaad me jaaye janta." The literal translation of this phrase is: Our work is going on let people can go to hell.

Nepotism has infected not only the business sectors though, it has also hollowed the other fields as well, politics, the entertainment industry, government offices, etc. There is not a single person in India who hadn't at least once been disappointed because of this particular issue.

The people at first should stop being relying on references, a person who had always won on their own strength is made to depend on an irrelevant person's signature and has to put up with the attitude of the people who couldn't stand before their talent and hard work.

The referenced personas who hog over the positions are rarely ever tested by the real circumstances, why? Because they always drop all their work load on those who try to win their favors and that results in the poor image of the firms and the lack of progress, but, moreover, it also points towards the lack of creativity that is on display. The ethics are compromised and the deserved are forced to do the menial works, it can also be called a kind of caste system where the people are discriminated on the basis of their connections.

There is no end to it unless the rules become stricter and the reference system is eradicated completely, then maybe we could save the loss to some extent yet, it can't be a complete hundred percent until and unless every person themself think of the seriousness of this issue and ponder over the consequences that the future generations have to suffer because of these poor role models that they are watching.

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