Image by Anja from Pixabay 

This too shall pass
The time which made you weak
The time which made you cry
The time which gave you pain
It shall pass
The weight on your shoulders makes you strong
The silence in which you are living in will make your wiser
This to shall pass
Keep in mind
Nothing is permanent
The joy
The pain
The beauty
The promise that you made
Every single thing that you can imagine will drift away from you eventually.
There are days that are darker than night
Silence louder than chaos
Words powerful than guns
Hoping for a better day keeps your makes your day better and brighter
If there is no light be a star that shines in night
Before you let it go
Just look at the struggle that you bring through...
the Knife which cuts everything now was just a piece of metal.
The pressure that you have being through is the diamond they see...
More than the destination
Enjoy the journey
embrace your self
Embrace intelligence
Embrace truth
Embrace knowledge
Even if there is no day
You make it as your day
Remember she might be in your dm's
But not in your heart
she is not the one
Be a chad
Not a simp
Compassion isn't about solution
It's about all the love what you give
In a world filled with sympathy
Be the light of empathy
There are so only 7 billion people who exist today on the planet
But only a few chose to live...
Hustle till you live
Grind till you got strength
Love only when you got time...

.    .    .