P.S.- All characters, Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of human nature and are used based on experiences. Any likeness to actual events, locations, or people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

We live in a society meme. Ever since my childhood, I have had doubts about whether I am right or wrong. The relatives say this; I think like this. Parents want me to be like this. This created a storm in my head as in like what I should do. Who's correct or not. So I didn't have a defined personality. Being a simple girl from a joint family, the entire focus was on studies, schools, tuitions, and extra-co-curricular activities. I was afraid of telling my likes and dislikes, thinking what If the other person makes fun of it. If I used to hear anyone's hobbies, I used to think; this should be my hobby too, irrespective of whether I like it or not. Do we get a fair chance to believe or pursue what we want or develop our interest in it? Or are we told to learn and do this because everyone is doing this? What to do and what not to do was always a source of uncertainty for me.

So to put all the brawl which is going in my head, a stop, an answer for myself, I thought that don't we live in a sarcastic world, putting all assumptions to rest and end.

Science, religion, and spirituality are all based on assumptions. There are two things in science definitions and assumptions. Once we define something, we cannot question it. The report confirms it. We propose the hypothesis before proving it, but it becomes a fact after established logically or through experiments. But science restricts itself to a provable, visible, material world and refrains from saying anything about the unknown until it is known.

In religion, we have assumptions. Concepts of God, hell, and heaven are assumptions or definitions believed to be true without proof. The value of religion lies in its practical utility to its followers, and sometimes, they cause blind faith and conflict in the world. Religions are a matter of trust.

Spirituality is like science. Whereas spirituality is inner science, material science is the science or study of the outer material world. In spirituality, spirit or Self is the subject of research or discovery, whereas, in material science, the matter is study and discovery. One is an inward journey, whereas the other is an outward journey. The journey of Buddha to find the cause of sorrow is a spiritual journey, whereas the journey of Einstein to discover the Law of Relativity is an outer journey. Men have undertaken both journeys eternally.

Religion and science are conflicting with one another. Whereas religions ask us to believe, science asks us to question beliefs. Religions developed in the world when science was weak. Both spirituality and science ask us not to accept anything without proof and question everything.

In the material world, scientific conclusions are correct. In an ethical and spiritual world, what is in harmony with your being is right, and in religious matters, your faith is correct.

I will answer this, specific to the Indian social setup.

1. Strong-willed and free-spirited

You listen to everyone, but you make the final decisions. You have a strong personality and do what you want.

Tag: Khadoos.

Oh, you're a little too open-minded? Casanova in every sense of the word.

In this challenging world, you are expected to be level-headed and self-sufficient as a girl. More so than in the past. They'll refer to you as autonomous, and you'll agree.

2. Workaholic

You are a workaholic who spends the majority of your time at work. Too busy to attend a child's function, I never get it home on time.

Tag: irresponsible and greedy.

If he doesn't come home, it means he doesn't care about his family. He's probably having an affair with his wife.

Your appreciation will develop leaps and bounds as a workaholic woman, a woman of substance, achieving wonders, a supermom, and much more.

3. An author who specializes in erotica

Imagine being a male erotica writer; you'll almost certainly have to write behind a pen name.

You'll be labelled as a scumbag, a pervert, and a filthy rotten scoundrel. Your friends will blame you if they find out your real name.

Women erotica authors, on the other hand, are gaining popularity as role models, feminists, and strangers.

4. While conversing with the children of strangers

In the park, never make the mistake of talking to or playing with other people's children.

You could be labelled as a kidnapper, a possible rapist, or a pervert.

It makes no difference whether you are you or not.

If you're a woman doing the same thing, you're pleasant, loving, and have motherly instincts. No one seems to notice that women might be criminals as well.

6. Shopping acumen

Are you a shopper who enjoys going to the mall? Isn't that amazing? NO. It is hard to digest to us.

Labels: You're gay or odd in some parts of our minds.

Are you a young lady? You have a great sense of style when it comes to buying. What the hell is going on here? You're a true style icon.

7. Visits a salon to get a haircut.

So, you enjoy a good grooming session now and then. And it's then that you notice your aunts' hilarious stares? It is their legal right to slay your manhood right there on the spot.

Poor Mrs. Malhotra, tsh tsk...girly habits (Your supposed mom). Is he straight or gay?

I don't believe I need to elaborate on a woman's relationship with a parlor. When a man proposes, it's a big deal.

Proposals have traditionally been a man's domain, but that is no longer the case. The times are changing, and women are no longer shy about expressing their preferences.

Okay, maybe not always, but it does provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

  • Doing female foeticide and at the same time welcoming and worshiping little girls in "Navratri." Navratri is a bi-annual Hindu festival that is celebrated for nine nights.
  • They are raising eyebrows on bachelors living in society flats and accusing them and complaining if they are suitable for anything they do. I am blaming them for their negative influence on their kids. At the same time, the same people indulge in domestic violence & extra-marital affairs.
  • Bike riders are blaming four-wheelers for their road safety. At the same time, they don't even care to wear a helmet.
  • They were abusing Indian Olympic athletes for not winning the medal. At the same time, we don't even think when was the last time we supported them or even watched their sport on television.
  • Asking for dowry by the groom's side is an unpardonable offense. And should be. But at the same time, the bride's side lookout for the groom who has the best available package in the market.

In Conclusion:

Women are the muse of society, and that they have to be handled well. The glamorous lifestyles of the contemporary-day age draw maximum human beings to get fame, wealth, and comfort. Inequality in our society has increased social evil. Adults frequently teach their children approximately what's proper and wrong. This is a rat race; where everybody desires to have the satisfactory level. If they can't have it, they may fake or if they have already got it – they may exaggerate to show off.

If we continue to be two faced, then we’re building nothing but a shallow nation. We must squelch a social evil when we see one, tweeting about it later won’t solve the problem.

P.S: Not every one of us is a hypocrite. It's just that I have seen the above issues as widely rampant in our society.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).