"Happiness" is a hackneyed abstruse la-parole (Overused difficult to understand word), which must be apperceived solitary. Does this mean some simple pleasures of existence, which we deny regularly, or is it a feeling that everyone encounters? Where do we find bliss, how do we get it?

These are some indispensable queries that arise in people's subconscious psyche.

Legitimate euphoria

You cannot rely on the banausic and earthly pleasures since they are transient. Others cannot be a solo source of your own joy. Our interminable attempts to ferret-out intrinsic delight in others are a quest of bogus commiseration and exhilaration. You need to be proficient to compose your own inherent bliss because, at the end of the day, you are the only diurnal thing. Elation does not mean prolonged phase of tremendous joy and exorbitant bliss nor it means being cheerful, effervescent, and smiling every-time. It is as lucid as being gratified and tranquilizing. It is also redolent of possessing positive inclination and not leasing pessimism acquire over your day-to-day life and vibes.


Life is fluid; there are moments in our lives that change us irretrievably; these instants approach devoid of cautions. They are inevitable and a cruel throw of the dice. Every person out there alive in today’s epoch experiences some sort of ache, otherwise are broken in some way. However, we obliterated somehow that “no matter how worse, this too shall pass " - Bible. We forgot that each day we have an alternative in forefront of us either to move on and be blissful or to move around tribulations and be sad. Instead of looking within us, we try to find ecstasy externally inside others. Happiness is akin to beauty that resides in us, but we all tend to find it externally within others.

“I do not pay attention to the world ending.
It has ended for me many times and,
Began again in the morning” 

- Naiyaara Waheed

Solace in solitude is bliss of time; a sequitur

As quoted before, each day approaches us with a choice either to be content or poignant.

It is obvious that in order to be glad, we have to decide our own delight. As our glee must bloom from within and should not be altered or shaped by mundane stuff. When you decide to be pleased and contented, happiness from inside grows and blossoms. When you try to find comfort in troubles that is the real happiness.

It resides in small and simpler pleasures of existence that humans ignore probably because of busy schedules. This cannot be learned promptly as it cultivates continuously with your optimistic disposition, and your determination to be content and happy. Let us resolute to accept ourselves and say each day “I am responsible for my own delight

“The happiness for which our souls ache is one undisturbed by success or failure, one which will give inward relaxation, peace, and contentment, no matter what the surface problem may be” 

- Billy graham