"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."
Helen Keller

MENTAL HEALTH : The next Global Crisis on its way..!

The protracted hectic life of Homo sapiens abruptly halted and punched them back in their dwellings. There are more than 23,918,129 cases as on August 25, 2020 in the whole world, vaccines are still under trials and this eventually stipulates that there is still no cure. However, contemporary circumstances due to COVID-19 allowed nature to heal and nevertheless forced humans to be isolated and detached. This pandemic undeniably drained out mighty humans socially, mentally and economically.

Synchronous Predicament:

“Desire” is not mere a known word but a complete ingenious globe in itself. Everyone has desires and all work in harmony to accomplish them. Nevertheless, what if we are so worn-out of everything, exhausted from desires, wishes, and entirely vacant from the inside?

That is what we precisely feel nowadays. In the midst of this, catastrophic pandemic, we are encountering a phase in which every second person used the word depression, for each situation that did not go flawlessly according to him or her. In this phase, there were numerous people cantankerous about distress and depression due to this isolation, solitude, or separation from social life. This sequestration from social life prompts feelings of fear, apprehension, and worry.

Moreover, of course, this is as genuine and natural as sooner or later humans transmogrified into more gregarious and social being. They somehow obliterated the significance of introspection, expressed by several eminent poets and considered by everyone.

For instance, a beautiful poem of “Pablo Neruda” named “keeping quiet” explains, moments of silence can benefit humanity.

Sequel to complication is suicide?

This pandemic has affected every field and resulted into unemployment of uncountable people. Just for a while, envisage their plight to feed themselves and their families too. Doctors suggested this economic issue could be a major reason for suicides.

The moments of fear, distress and detachment are elements of human life and at any rate has to be tackled by each person.

A person who encounters such circumstances thinks that, they are the only one who is facing such a distraught situation and they cannot muddle through it. They have eternally saved in their psyche that, “there is no one to help me” “I am alone, no one understand me” and many similar sham thoughts which are outcomes of their over thinking. Therefore, according to them, suicide is the only solution to escape from this distress, but it is not.

Sorrow is intrinsic to the human life; this life is a combo of sorrow and happiness and no one can escape from any element (happiness or sorrow).

Path to be taken:

The prolonged phase of isolation might block up people with distress, fear and apprehension but there are many solutions for it. In fact, every situation has a solution even though if it seems most horrible.

You could consult a Psychologist, but the best way to tackle such situations in which you feel so depressed that the whole world is appalling for you; can be opening up to your closed ones maybe your parents, best friend or anyone who understands you and help you in every phase without being condemnatory. These issues will not be solved merely by counseling, but through a multi-dimensional approach, which includes financial support. Everyone suffers from fear, stress and worry. Only way to overcome is to consult with others.

"Take out time from your hectic 
schedule and ask every 
person about their wellbeing. 
These small act of kindness 
can help someone to 
overcome their own hesitations 
and will help in psychic 



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