The loss within the minutes.. in the new age of technology

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

Life is wonderful, with the new age technologies, with a lot of scope for research and development. Every person looks out, for being part of this remarkable journey and wants to contribute to the best of his knowledge and skill set. The world is changing fast and needs hi-tech skilled people. Who can change the course of how the world looks around things? Every person wants to solve unsolved problems owing to the best solutions he can bring in it.

There is a lot to be learned, and there are many trainers, there is a lot to be solved, and problems are still there, there is a lot to be said, and many unspoken things are still there. There is a big wave of enthusiasm coming out sharing their deep thoughts to make the world the best place. There are a lot of people gaining experience, sharing knowledge, and building utmost the best products.

Every fresher coming out of college gets ready by competing online, and participating in open-source technologies, even before getting the first job. There have been so many youngsters learning most of the latest technologies, learning from so many courses. It is cut-throat competition, and there is a lot of hard work being done, for the job search, or even to get into the startups.

It's not only about the college students coming out, but also the engineers, who have been working and are looking out for the best possible opportunities, and moving to the best technologies. Even the mid-senior are jumping to change the technologies, this is the best part of the time we are living, where it's all learning and growing.

With such enthusiasm and excitement to be part of the technology, we still find the businesses lag, and there is still a lot of requirement for skilled people and the hunt is on. So what is bothering, why in the world still there is no development people, and why they are going to learn, while the technology stack growing, are we still see businesses are suffering, and many companies are struggling to stand out as the best. There are a lot of depriving issues, and we see one after another company fails, as we talk about new startups, we also hear about a lot of them dying, and not only just failing but failing miserably.

Many motivational speakers are coming out, many books for psychological development, and many ways to boost careers. Are these business’s also growing up, or there is something else that is causing such a motivational booster dose? There are a lot of high profiled people working in these latest technologies going ahead for psychological help and attending the courses. This is alarming, though we are leveraging the technology at its best, we are also seeing they are collapsing at its worst.

Here we are talking about the worst part of individuals' life, the layoffs, the businesses suffering, and there is a lot of disturbance to the professionals, who have invested the best part of life in providing the best of the technology world. Then what is the reason for the business’s failure, why is it getting topsy-turvy, from across all sorts of businesses, businesses are not only impacted but the quality of the products, and psychologically it is affecting a lot. Many startups start with a lot of promises, lots of hopes, and lots of people venture into, and one fine day, we hear of layoffs, then some more hiring, and after a few days, or months abruptly shutdown.

The modern age has to find the solutions, as we have a lot of historical data on how companies go wrong, then worst and get destroyed, but still why are we getting into the same trap, is there anything we are missing, or are we losing the focus on what is expected, and how we sustain the business to be in the best. Are the experience and knowledge of the people who are working is been considered or is only gaining the market our only focus?

The worst time is when the people are laid-off, and it's not the experience or knowledge or skillset but it is sheer, the cost-cutting to keep the company lot with a minimum and keep it running with who all are still left. There is where we fail to judge and most projects just go into maintenance mode, as the people who had been working on improving and enhancing might have left, or those who stay have no more hopes or same enthusiasm to make the products much better. With the loss of jobs within the organization or anywhere else every other person working is in the fear of loss of jobs within minutes. This psychologically breaks down the courage to stand up, and we end up getting bad products in the market, though we still see better, they are done to completion rather than interest and enthusiasm.

The main problem of the business hitting bad, and create or uncertainties are caused by high pay when the startup is in the initial stage, and they burn the money to hire the best individual. It would have been much better if they have spend the money on training, scaled up the people, kept them learning, and allowed them to experiment and improve the products. The high pay in the initial time, and then keeping it up with the new joiners, and suddenly drop in the focus of where the company is moving, and taking the product out to market, as more is spent on hiring, and not necessary we can get best in the industry, as their experience might have been in different areas, but just got hired because of their celebrity status in the technology world. And the person might not be good in the company, and eventually, the whole company faces backlash due to a lack of bringing out the best product. There are also the chances of leadership frequently changing, which can bring out the bad, or worse of the product, and eventually, things don’t fall in line.

Though there is cut-throat competition, we have to admit and agree on individual development and training, with the focus on the product, once the organization is in line with the delivery, they could hold up the market in the best means. In a conclusion, for Business Growth, it's up to the psychology of the people who are working and not just paying high checks, but trained for the need of product and understand the market, every person can be trained, which should be focused upon, even the person leaving the organization should be placed in the best position with knowledge and skill, which will also help in to bring in the best talent. It should not be fear of losing the job in minutes, but the person should move out confidently so that he stands out the best, and will bring in a healthy environment for business growth.

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