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'Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance' - CARL SANDBURG

Poetry, as mesmerizing and soothing as each created may sound, the origin of which is hardly given any attention. The internet, however advanced it seems, still lacks the ability to define poetry in the proper and artistic way it deserves to be.

Poetry is an idyllic form, structured accordingly to the poet’s creative thinking and mood. But on the other hand, it does offer much more than morphological richness. As you can already see, poetry is really hard to define but also give it a thought that if a thing is this hard to define then how elegant and distinguished it must be. And I do think it is better for it to remain undefined for it to prosper more.

It is often laid out that short sentences with rhyming words at the end are poetry while the longer sentences are prose. However, it is a misconception as ‘poetry’ is a versatile structure and can take any form, even that of prose. It is not always bound with “to end with the rhyme”. Simply writing something in a rhythmic manner, in short lines does not necessarily make it a poem.

A true poem is more about the sincere feelings of the person writing, and the mood he/she tries to create. The poet has successfully been able to write poetry when their artwork appeals to and touches the human heart, making it experience different emotions the poet has initially tried to form from their work.

A true poet makes you feel what he wants you to feel while true poetry is the emotions connecting bridge between the poet and the reader.

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