Image by Євген from Pixabay 

Just another August night
The air was chilly and crisp
In the terrace, with the little ones
I stare into the dark night sky
When I see the stars gleaming
I feel you looking down at us
You are a splendid view to see
An eloquent poem to read 
We had a jolly good time
Sang the nursery rhyme
Then the little one asked
a question beyond belief
Who do you see
when you look at the stars?
Without a second thought I say
The stars always scream your name
My ray of sunshine
 When the skies are grey 
Not a single day has passed
when I don't say your name
Maybe you're sorry for being gone
Without a note, without a goodbye
Your absence gives me heartache
Everyday I suppress my painful cry
You took a part of me
When you left the mortal realm
in a golden stairway to heaven
I know you still shine
Your smile trapped in time
Now I close my eyes
Watch the timeless memories
We carved together 
You left a piece of you
In our beautiful daughter

Love you to the moon and back
I miss you beyond the stars
What we had was beautiful
I cherished it till the last
Love you till the end of time
Even death cannot do us apart

I cried a million tears
when you died
But these tears are nothing
They cannot outshine 
the smile you gave me
When you were alive.

.    .    .