Image by Silviu from Pixabay 

'Unknown!' chuckled I, 'Yes unknown!'
The scene which my eyes captured was unknown to me.
I don’t know well, but I walked into an obscure world.
Much I marveled at the broken casualty,
How come I invited such a splendid mishap?
While I pondered, untraceable and lone,
I am lost in this new world.
The feeling of strangeness brought such a sorrow.
What could there be more purely known?
The tragedy smiled.
There stood I,
Like a child lost in the crowd,
I delved through the crowd.
By that time stepped the sketchy dusk.
My passion is always the familiar dark.
But something nighed me,
And there stood the translucent smile in those frosty eyes.
I was a lump of coal, and you a Luna moth.
That grin which was like early spring,
Took the unconsciousness from me.
I felt lucky to have a cohort,
And thought we pooled the same feeling.
But why didn’t I whiff the scent of death from you?
Yet you came gently splashing.
You warned me against the waking,
All my souls within me forsaking,
As of someone gently subordinating,
You guided me to the path of death.
When I thought of the death,
My mind always strays to shot.
Why? I thought till my last,
Till those murmurings echoed my ears.
It was a sin to enter this world,
I was the trespasser and he was the lord of this world.

.    .    .