Image by Lukas_Rychvalsky from Pixabay 

Why should everything have an end?
I didn't expect it to start,
I didn't know what it was when it was starting,
I didn't expect it to continue,
l even wouldn't have cared, if it had ended then,
but it didn't.
It started to seem to me like a journey on a long road which doesn't know its own
It didn't even let me think, am I ready for this journey or not?
It didn't even let me know, where is this journey taking me to?
It was as if like the journey itself doesn't know its destination.
Amidst all this it started, the journey started.
The journey, it was
so beautiful that the time started hating itself that it cannot stop,
so pleasing that even the path left behind while traveling wanted to travel with us.
But if you ask me, was it the same all the time?
No, of course, it wasn't,
it had its humps and obstacles,
it had its breakdown points, but none among these makes it less cherishable.
And now it has a reached a point where it has to end,
even though there is still a long way to cover,
the journey with you has come to an end,
because we will have to part our ways now, it won't be our way anymore,
it would be my way and your way,
but if asked, would I like to be on the same journey with you once again?
But the flow of life is always forwards, never backwards.
Now just this journey has ended, the road is still long and wide open,
but someday the road which doesn't know its own end will also come to end,
like this verse and yet gain the same question arises,
Why should everything have an end? 

.     .     .