Image by James Chan from Pixabay 

My human mind cries for people again and again, when I see simple people being persecuted step by step in an attempt to be free from danger. The sky is falling on the head. When I see the tragic consequences floating on the helpless faces, I feel like I am in danger. If you can alleviate the suffering of endangered people by writing, you will wake up with a honeyed peace. Everyone wants peace; Some get, some lose. I find peace in doing good. Nowadays people are readers to take temporary pleasure by asserting their erudition by narrating events to others; no one gets better by reading stories of being good, no one listens to honesty. So even if I like writing, it seems pointless to continue.

People in danger may not be my fathers, brothers, friends, relatives; but they are is in some kind of bond with other people. He may come to me to be safe, if I am an employee or official of any government or private department. As human beings we are not all sympathetic; some raise the hand of honesty in the danger of others, some fall into greed and get lost in the intoxication of money.

When the peace-loving people of India are in danger, they are harassed in different departments or by selfish people in the hope of finding new peace.

Some people are in danger due to guilt, some people are in danger due to the fault of others. The offender is kept in jail to correct and bring him back to the right path. But if he has a mountain of money, he is not sent to jail, even if he is sent, he does not have to stay long. They stay in the criminal world by handing over unscrupulous workers, officials, leaders in exchange for money; It seems that correction is better, otherwise it is better.

On the other hand, it is a matter of great regret that many people have to be imprisoned for lack of money due to suspicion without being unjust. Ordinary and wealthy people are often subjected to various forms of harassment by greedy people of special power at the instigation of influential or rich people.

Let's, the people with special powers, treat all the rich and the poor equally, not to harass them financially so that the tears of the oppressed and the tears of the nose become one. The money of others can be illegally used to become a millionaire by oneself; However, it will not be possible for any human being to indulge in it after death. All human beings are made of clay, must be mixed with clay again; Let the use of human beings be reflected in the brightness

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