Photo by Artem Malushenko: pexels

Some say that I am kind
And my personality isn't refined
They say that I am amazing
But I hate when they are appraising
They tell me to be myself
But hate when I be
What they want on my soul's shelf
I can never see
People see me as a talkative person
And they really like my assertion
I feel that I am the best
And life's taking a test.
But nobody asked do I really want to talk?
Or I just need a quiet walk
They make do what they want
And I agree as I won't like if they daunt
Wait does that mean I am a people pleaser
And I am not a teaser
Is that good?
Or just a thing everyone does in childhood?
The answer for who I am?
I'll have to cram
People describe me is various ways
I don't know what the right one says
Can someone teach me how to define myself?
That would be a great help
I make sure I don't break a delph
So that I won't have to welp
I have no idea about myself
I keep adding books to my bookshelf
Am I an avid reader then?
Who I am I'll learn one day but I don't know when.

.    .    .